40 thoughts on “We Three: Family Band Performs Song Tribute For Mother With Cancer – America’s Got Talent 2018 | Wonderdir Health

  1. when they sang "I can hear tears coming from my daughter" I felt that my best friends mom passed away a few months ago and my best friend was crying like there's no tomorrow and I felt sooo bad this is really has power

  2. My dad was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer. Softball size tumor. Losing a parent in your 20's is beyond words, so unexpected, & impossible to prepare for it. HOWEVER, these mates turned such a tragic event into something so beautiful. It made my eyes more than water. Thank you.

  3. My heart literally 😭❤️this is just beautiful… utterly breathtaking thank you for this song . I can totally relate to the lyrics the emotion . I lost my older step brother who was shot ten years ago my mother 8 years ago to epilepsy her heart just stopped one day out of no where , my grandpmas fell , and had strokes , my aunt breast cancer , my father recently last year cancer ❤️❤️❤️❤️😭😭😭 so I can totally say that you are gifted thank you for this song.

  4. Everytime I watch this…I have multiple tears streaming down both cheeks. Such an honorable perspective and the songwriting is phenomenal! Writing songs is so hard and you wrote and absolute masterpiece. Your mom wrote it in your heart….what a gift

  5. Wow this song really hit home. My grandma passed away from cancer and this song made my mom and I ball our eyes out. I’m still emotional right now after rewatching it. This song is just so beautiful and touches my heart. Not only are their voice amazing but their song writing is incredible. Their mom would be so proud of them.

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