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On June 25,2017 Steven Assanti posted this video on fb regarding Dr Now dropping him as a patient. Well, just watch for yourself.

37 thoughts on “Steven John Assanti break down on Facebook | Wonderdir

  1. You shouldn’t even read anything about you in the press and social media. That’s Rule #1. Rule #2: Stop complaining and be grateful for the opportunity you had being able to have weight loss surgery.

  2. How can u say we don’t know you? We watched you abuse the system and yell and scream and cuss until you get your way much like in this video, your a piece of shit and I’m not speaking of your weight I’m speaking of your dumbass, idiotic, abusive, manipulative piece of shit behaviors

  3. Yeah money isn’t a problem for you Steven Because you have the taxpayers and your dad taking care of you smh your dad supposed to be in his empty nest days and except he has to worry about you and Justin all the time ridiculous

  4. You haven't done any hard work what are you on about? Dr Now did the hard work by giving you that op that you didn't deserve. Oh and decent human 'beings' don't act the way you do.

  5. You’re a piece of SHIT who treats others like trash. Well YOU are the trash and you haven’t tried to do anything worthwhile in your life. You’re a spoiled, lying, drug addicted, racist asshole who thinks everyone else owes him something!!! Grow up and stop torturing us with your disgusting, poor me videos!!! Your attitude makes me SICK!!!

  6. Oh my god. SHUT UP. NOBODY CARES ABOUT YOU. Your selfish and I would call him a pig but, I don't feel like insulting pigs. Im pretty sure his whole family is counting down until the day he dies. He is so annoying and it pisses me off that he's acting like his feelings are hurt. He obviously does not care or he wouldn't be treating people like garbage. Hopefully he drops dead soon.

  7. He doesn’t care. He wants his way. Zero tears. He’s pathetic and annoying, but if he was thin and could get around he’d be ruining people’s lives everywhere he goes.

  8. When you put yourself on Social Media and in the public eye in which you are RACIST and rude to medical staff, RUDE and DISRESPECTFUL to your family and keep bottles filled with urine around your house while you eat…. You’re going to get the odd one or two negative comments.

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