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  1. Im still confused, and feel like I screwed myself. I know who to call, but I'm just venting.. Ive been paying my bills, have money in this thing called the hsa account on one side and money going toward a deductible on the other. I do not understand why I have no seperate hsa debit card, and I paid about half the cost on my prescription last month vs. full price this month out of pocket. I was in a strange situation where before getting my current job I was using obamacare insurance, which was really good considering I had no job at time for a full year, paid 80 a month from money I had saved, and only paid 10 on a prescription, but Texas has a rule where if you aren't making a certain threshold amount from a job, you have to pay everything the insurance providers were paying back, and since I had made a foolish attempt to start a business with too little money and couldn't come up with the funds, I got out of it, to prevent damaging myself. Moral people: insurance is confusing, dont get in over your head, and its a jungle out there. Company insurance may be a better way to go, but for many Obamacare is only a problem, because of where you live. The only issue I have with Obamacare is that it is forced. People should be able to say, my money is more important than a Robin Hood type system, that is riddled with pissed off locally owned pharmacists, who want you out of their store because they arent making enough profit, and the possibility of overcrowded doctors offics, because suddenly rich must wait on the poor.. I understand thst I'm rambling on about things that I don't really fully understand, but I know that just by using Obamacare I was being discriminated against, and a prescription that I have had for two years was suddely fluctuating in price. That is part of my reasoning for eanting the responsible consumer HSA plan. (LOL, I think that may have been a bad decision, 95 down on deductible, 6000 to go..damn im an igmoranous) Small towns dont have many choices, and its not always easy to preplan out of town doctor visits because the doctor your company hsa insurance can pay for is 50 miles away, and your time has value. I would love someone to bitch with me, but even more so, I'd like to get a real human perspective on this subject no matter your political persuasion. This is only slightly trolling, because I'm aware that others would accuse others of giving false information.. I just want to know perspectives from both sides, I personally don't have to agree. Subject again.. HSA vs. HMO vs. PPO vs. payments and experiences positive/negative Obamacare, plus whatever else you choose to throw in. Ok,im done now. :>

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