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  1. Good information🌹♥️🌸

  2. The broken girl Layla says

    Ok so I’ll comment later yay I ain’t. Having canser

  3. A Helpful Earth says

    These videos are much appreciated ✌💚 thankyou – from a helpful earth 🌍Youtube

  4. Sallie Mae says

    I will have everything checked when i come back to my doctor.I have to do blood works .i have an abnormal mammogram that i need a biopsy .i have excessive nose bleeding every now and then.I am gaining weight because i eat too much.Thank you for the information. Can you all pray for me.

  5. Ragbir Suman says

    Thank you darling

  6. Udit Bhattacharjee says

    Very useful information

  7. Modig Beowulf says

    Does anyone know how to get hold of GcMAF?

  8. Jerry Parker says

    Excellent information ! Excellent video !

  9. Just for Fun says

    My neighbors last name is cancer we all stay away from him !. Lol.

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