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1 Star vs. 5 Star Product Test | Wonderdir


Wonderdir | #Facebookdown | Facebook, Inc. is an American online social media and social networking service company based in Menlo Park, California. Its website was launched on February 4, 2004, by Mark Zuckerberg, along with fellow Harvard College students and roommates Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes. Wikipedia
Stock price: FB (NASDAQ) $132.59 +1.04 (+0.79%)
Nov 20, 10:36 AM EST – Disclaimer
Founded: February 2004, Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States
Headquarters: Menlo Park, California, United States
Subsidiaries: WhatsApp Inc., Onavo, LiveRail, Sharegrove Inc., MORE
Founders: Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz, Andrew McCollum, Chris Hughes

Thanks to Capital One for sponsoring today’s episode. Some online products are great, and get 5 star reviews. Some are terrible, and get 1 star. Sometimes they’re indistinguishable.  GMM #1429

Check out http://www.capitalone.com/eno to learn all about how Eno, Capital One’s intelligent assistant, is looking out for you and your money.

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  1. I See YOU says

    It looks like you guys are drowning in oil😂😂😂😂

  2. Aaron Mccoy says

    shoutout to cassandra from season 1 of doctor who nice one rhett!

  3. MR. GAMING says

    At 11:42 YEET! Like if you laughed

  4. Kawaii Desu says


  5. Onahaia Alford says

    I liked the video allot it was vary funny I had a good thanksgiving how was your thanksgiving

  6. Tammy Stratford says

    Cymbal monkey face bank.

  7. Japanic says


  8. Grasshopper 4u says

    They should have read some of the reviews 😂😂😂👌

  9. the unicorn hunter says

    10:40 this suddenly turned into a Billy Eilish music video

  10. mr steal your vids says


  11. Hpjjdjswd Dj says

    Say good

  12. Goofy 03 says

    Link: *eats a worm*
    Link: it tastes wormy
    Me: are you sure!?

  13. RpgMan11 says

    Tell me if you understand this reference

  14. Evan Hashim says

    media personalities that try way too hard seem to be the only acceptable media personalities these days

  15. Melissa Gay says

    I like how Link is always like gagging and going eww and Rhett is like “that’s not tasty”

  16. Brooklyn B says

    My grandmother has the neck exerciser and she absolutely loves it

  17. Tezza LxrdeCrxxkedd says

    every dislikes about the gender reveal

  18. DraveH says

    trending in my country

  19. Zesty Italian says

    does the earthworm jerky taste like Flex Tape™️?

  20. Niku Hael says

    Gaudiest Patronuses time

  21. Tezza LxrdeCrxxkedd says

    get imdontai and react to his reactions and have him try to predict your reactions to his reactions

  22. sathrafnugan says


  23. David McKee says

    2 genders

  24. OneBushyBoi 1133 says

    Face bank or Faze Bank?

  25. Juan Victor Cabrera says

    This was a fantastic episode, more of these!

  26. Samuel Bolig says

    7# trending tho

  27. Sungdween_Nicky says

    I have a blue face bank

  28. Kelli Hamilton says

    It literally looks like someone picked up all the poor worms thats didnt make it across the sidewalk on a very hot day lol

  29. Praecantetia says

    That's gaud!

  30. Chloe Frazier says

    Is that Link or Billie Eilish?

  31. IvoryTrance says

    hilarious episode

  32. K Channels says

    "Eat it daddy"😂

  33. Zee MK says

    you hit the golf ball way way harder, it would just explode in a pink cloud on a real golf course

  34. The Cat Of Truth says

    the face bank is not working because it feels insulted from all of the 1 star reviews that it has

  35. kpop uwu says

    When they spit out the cuttle fish ink they looked like the zombies from zombie land and z nation

  36. John Duff says

    You gotta like your comment first to get the ball rollin

  37. Polly Pencil says

    I died on the neck exercise thingy

  38. джерику says

    If I have money I'll donate for sure, but for now you guys should donate for me so I can donate.

  39. Olivia Covers says

    I just wonder what their kids’ll think when they’re teenagers

  40. David Li says

    你 \_,,44(2452(2⋯一

  41. Betty White says

    If you hit the golf ball with a golf club really hard it makes a huge cloud. It's way better than that penny eating thing that barely works 🤷

  42. Humane Garbage says

    I read the ufo detectors reviews and apparently the thing attracts aliens who then probe you according to the reviewers

    what even is my life

  43. Wrinkle pit says
  44. Britt K says

    Watching and just wondering how many people actually got the Gomer reference

  45. TragicToast says

    A lot of these products have been tested
    @Dope or Nope

  46. Charlie Bauer says

    hey, camera crew make sure Rhett has his chair and link has his chair.

  47. Elsa Baxter says

    I think some of the 5 star reviews are people joking around.

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