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What’s Ahead For The Robert Mueller Investigation? | Morning Joe | MSNBC | Wonderdir


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In a recent interview with Fox News, the president stated he probably would not sit down with the special counsel for an interview. Reporter Natasha Bertrand and legal analyst Daniel Goldman discuss.
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What’s Ahead For The Robert Mueller Investigation? | Morning Joe | MSNBC

  1. Veronica Amaro says

    Karma likes people like the turd.

  2. Carolyn Grinberg says

    DT is a megalomaniac who won by appealing to the basest urges (fears) of people …Definition of megalomania. a delusional mental illness that is marked by feelings of personal omnipotence and grandeur. I hope he doesn't do irreparable harm to the USA or the world and becomes lost to public view and forgotten. He makes WG Harding look like Thomas Jefferson by comparison.

  3. Gerard Gauthier says

    If trump was as guilty as the liberal media says he is… Then they'd be dragging him out of the WH. When this is all over you'll find trump walks away from this with 'at most' a slapped wrist.

  4. T J says

    There are only 2 situations possible.

    1. GOP stay on the Trump train, taking the risk to push for another term and that it does not impact the future popularity of the party… If losing the House in the midterms is any indication + losing the overall popular vote in 2018 AND 2016, then it's a huge risk and the odds are not in their favour.


    2. GOP start distancing themselves and begin to do damage control and reinvent themselves in order to secure majority government in future elections.

    If the tables were reversed and it was the Democrats. I would be rallying that the party leadership make serious changes.

  5. The Jim says

    Orange man bad, impeach.
    Orange man is a Nazi.
    Orange man controlled by Israel.
    Orange man bad, Russians.
    I'm a Russian, he's a Russian, wouldn't you like to be a Russian to! Sing along if you know the words!

  6. Andrew Bises says

    Justice like easteuropean brides…by mail order

  7. Rightwing Hillbilly says

    Mueller has enough of what he needs…doesn't need drumpf.

  8. Rightwing Hillbilly says

    Interesting that Mr Mueller has not yet interviewed Don jr….

  9. Bran Evans says

    MSNBC no longer produces news. It is now totally triggered post-modern crap. Can we all agree Foucault is a jerk? So what about the Russians. What a waste of taxpayers' money!

  10. Angus Buchanan says

    President Chump is goin dowwwwn…

  11. MatchstalkMan says

    Be afraid, America, be very afraid.

    trump will get worse as his days become more numbered.

  12. Don't say Trump as an individual. Say Trump and the Republican party EVERYTIME! Make sure they know their getting their share of the credit. Trump is too dumb to see he's just a fall guy. All he know is he making a ton of money. Republicans always wanted what Trump is doing, just couldn't find a CAREER politician willing to throw their life away for the cause. Trump reputation already sucked, and he had no intention in being in politics after so it worked out PERFECT for the Republican party. Be sure they get their credit

  13. Craig Maroney says

    Could be that Mueller is waiting for Jan 3rd to open up sealed indictments, issue his deport & or work with House & appropriate Democratically chaired investigative committees .

  14. Todd's Tropicals says

    This entire presidency is an utter mockery of what America stands for and an insult to our people. We the people need to take a step back and look closer at who we allow to represent us as a nation.

  15. Lapin074 says

    "I think we've wasted enough time on this witch-hunt." Trump, Witch-n-Thief.

  16. StealieSteve says

    Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. That is next MSNBC, you corporate schills that possess zero integrity.

  17. Hersey Berry says

    Just for fun Goggle :United States presidentialn elections in which the winner lost the popular vote.It has happened 5 times in U.S. history.Well to sum it up each it was a disaster for the country.I forgot about George W Bush v.s Al Gore in 2000.Read the first example of this happening,the election consisted of four canidates from the same party,the Democratic-Republican party.To sum it up the party split into the Democratic and Republican parties. AFTER YOU READ HISTORY; READ ABOUT THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE ITS ON THE SAME THREAD.To make a long story short each time this happened the Administration was a disaster and/or the economy crashed.Goodluck my fellow Americans.

  18. Louis Cyfear says

    Every weekend for 2 years: Robert Muller set to indict Trump.

  19. Susan Pepper says

    Hillary Clintons tour has been cancelled because she cant sell her $1200 per seat tickets lmbo. No interest…..

  20. 6packter says

    panda eyes, orange man.

  21. Pretty Melody says

    Gotta love Jone Heilemann, he dont take BS from this President and the Republicans. America, time to take this orange blob and "cocaine" Mitch out of office.

  22. Dizzy Duke says

    Mueller's got indictment power that would like to disagree with you, Trump.

  23. DeAndre Holland says

    America is a joke, so much for the world’s leader. Seems like Russia owns USA. sips tea

  24. Aditya Waghmare says

    Low-key all of us have accepted the fact that Mueller is not gonna get Trump impeached.

    Rather it Might be possible for Mueller to Imprison Trump AFTER trump have served his presidential term (which i afraid to say but might be 2nd term as well)

  25. Zeno C says

    Which did they go George!……… POS. Release the kracken Mueller.

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