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US-Mexico Border Closure Threatens Migrant Families | Wonderdir


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Sara Montes de Oca checks in with the migrant caravan as 3,000 migrants reach the Mexican city of Tijuana. Sara talks to Allen Orr, Attorney at the American Immigration Lawyers Association, about Trumpism, the dangerous implications of the temporary shutdown at the US-Mexico border and Tijuana’s history of taking in refugees.

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  1. Lizzyboo Lou says


  2. Lizzyboo Lou says

    My dream was for a wall. It's amazing how as soon as Trump got into office every single thing in America started getting better jobs were created and an all-time high better than it's been in 48 years!!! Everything that has to do with the economy has gotten better liberals refuse to see this or even acknowledge any of it! And I truly believe it's because these people are being sent home. WE don't have the stress of paying for people that do not belong here, we do not have to pay for immigrants that are here illegally, the only thing we are paying for is their FLIGHT out of here!!

  3. Lizzyboo Lou says

    This black guy I don't even know his name clearly doesn't get it that we are not used to being rushed by other countries like this!! that's why everything has stopped and this is why I'm saying the Liberals refuse to acknowledge it!!

  4. Lizzyboo Lou says

    That is nonsense about these people coming from other places they are all Mexicans and they are entitled to stay in Mexico they are not people from Central America coming to SUCK THE LIFE out of the FRAGILE Mexican economy!!! 4:35

  5. Lizzyboo Lou says

    I am sorry I am not fearful of gay people with this guy is so swishy I can't listen anymore!! Bye bye

  6. robert fielder says

    its a ploy to divert. these people are terrorists come to raise HELL.

  7. Phoebe Murphy Wilcox says

    I am a American survivor of poverty… what do you want to do for me? (crickets) hurricane floods illegals totaling my home? Doesn't charity start at home? Ha Men like that flammer with his attitude are the problem. (No punt on my great gay friends)

  8. Telemetrix 11 says

    Hire China to build an artificial island off the coast of Mexico. Send the migrants there.

  9. Mae West says

    Who and why have over 10000 people made a decision to do this all at once.


  10. mastman 23 says

    RT you interview this asswipe you are now in the dust bin subscription withdrawn

  11. mastman 23 says

    READ THIS DEMOCRATS we will not allow our treasure to be stolen by you and your policies GET IT

  12. Fontaine King says

    Your American dream? WTF? Fuck your dreams. Your a nightmare that we need to wake up from. Annnd another queer lib layer. Throw his ass over the fence too.

  13. Fontaine King says

    Someone plz stomp that ignorant fool!

  14. john jj says

    Why doesn't this African American gay guy have 10 or 20 of these migrants stay at his own house & see if his views change. Let these people invade his personal space & let's see how he reacts to it. They should use this test on all the die hard liberals.

  15. JC F says


  16. JC F says

    On Thanks Giving Day, the U.S. is under an imminent invasion by the Central American horde at Ports of Entry along the Border with Mexico.

    Members of the Central American horde were told in Tijuana by communist activist, journalist & American attorneys from the ACLU, Open Societies & Nation without Borders (Pueblos sin Fronteras) that Americans celebrate Thanks Giving, therefore today the U.S. Border has less personnel from ICE to secure the U.S. Border.

    The Mexican Government under outgoing President Enrique Peña Nieto (PRI) & incoming President Elect the Socialist Andrés Manuel López Obrador (MORENA) did nothing to stop the herd at the Mexico-Guatemala Border.

    Instead, President Elect, López Obrador offered them working visas, but they refused because they know in the U.S. they can enjoy welfare freebies and protection by Democratic governments in Sanctuary Cities & States along the U.S.


  17. JC F says

    Mexico needs to build a wall in the Southern Border with Guatemala & Belize and several check points through Mexico.

  18. Kenneth Oliver says

    What rights do they have? They breach borders, which is against laws, leave trash, have criminals, complain about the food, and expect to be welcomed? If judges were sent, there would be noes case to hear. They would all be in the US. He needs to use his head more and his mouth less. What does he care, he loves the illegals wet backs.

  19. II II says

    Its amazing how these news people just make up their own reality and completely ignore the facts and the real problem. And everything is Trumps fault as if none of these problems existed before Trump. And God forbid anyone disagree with them.

  20. Ye Ahid says

    They say they are refugees, persecuted, and fleeing from violence..
    If someone runs from the reach of their law because they murdered people, and dont want to get beaten and arrested…wouldnt you consider it being the same as a refugee fleeing persecution and violence..?

  21. Fatima Brandao says

    President Trump for 2020🙏

  22. J. Lee says

    Ok answer me this. There are 40:000 homeless living on the streets in California. We can't feed or take care of them. If you really want to inform tell your viewers to check these homeless out on YouTube. I'm am so done with being called a Trumpster I'm sure as he is tired of bring called Gay Boy. Report the facts or talk about interior decorating a subject he probably is better versed on! You have lost a subscriber.

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