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The Match | Live Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson Press Conference | Wonderdir


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Tiger and Phil are about to sound off 🗣

Watch their joint press conference live ahead of #CapitalOnesTheMatch NOW

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  1. james charles says

    How much this cost?

  2. Oceans808 says

    Woods won the face-off via degenerate sex addict/gambler.

  3. Juan T. says

    Should have had Dustin play brooks in a undercard. Tee off before tiger Phil

  4. Ethan says

    A fuckin golf press conference



  6. Chris Sharp says

    Dude introduces them and starts clapping and nobody in the crowd joins in. Awkward.

  7. Tom Smith says

    23:00 in Tiger almost slips and says "Stevie", his old caddie's name.

  8. Jonny Goodrich says

    Tiger runs the table, wins 3^ and rakes in Phils money throughout the match 🐯🔥👊

  9. 星山優貴 says


  10. Vidur Khanna says

    Classic Phil a gambler betting 200k for a birdie

  11. g8a_golf says

    Is this going to be uncensored or watered down language?

  12. body building Fitness says


  13. jpgk1927 says

    I don't think $9 mil makes Tiger uncomfortable. He's almost a billionaire.

  14. calidrox says

    tiger owned him in that staredown

  15. Marie Taylor says

    Please! If Tiger is not in the mix, it is not happening because it will not generate enough buzz. But I did enjoy this conversation between these two.

  16. david lee says

    Skip to 15:00 youre welcome

  17. Gj Gjs says

    Something just seems off to this match

  18. Dazzy D says

    If one is dominating the match early on do you think he would lose a hole or two on purpose to excite the event🤔

  19. Guy Healy says

    I hope the match will be as entertaining as the press conference. Great questions and great replies.

  20. Mike Wolfe says

    Would love for next year's tournament to be Tiger vs The World. The best player from each country facing off against Tiger would be fantastic.

  21. Nathan-N14Nismo says

    So cool. Credit to both of them for doing what there doing an making it fun for us to watch.

  22. at Golfwithmats says

    I want to pay for the match but I'm in Europe. Where can I watch it?

  23. Muktadir Risan says

    You can free stream The Match here from anywhere https://tigerwoodsvsphil.com

  24. chance hunt says

    I don't like tiger as a person I been around him enough realize hes a prick , but I hope it's a great match

  25. John Tatum says

    Going to be an interesting event…for all involved!

  26. Rodney Shelby says

    Sure these guys are older and past their Prime even though tiger made a great comeback this past season but I still think it's good for the game can any of you beat these two guys I doubt it so stop complaining stop saying these guys are washed up and just enjoy it these guys are two of the most entertaining golfers in history I'm looking forward to it yes true it would have been better if they would have did this 10 years ago but they still have that same competitive juice and drive to beat the hell out of each other

  27. Me Too says

    These first two guys are corn balls
    38:42…"i really need to play well" lol

  28. Roy Newman says

    This is going to be epic!

  29. pughy79 says

    Play Augusta next time. Then St Andrews. Best of 3!

  30. golfdiego1 says

    Did tiger almost say stev !!!

  31. Tranquility Base says

    Tiger we love you unconditionally.

  32. sirbrad4 says

    Phil can't even win a staredown without laughing.

  33. MFH Creatives says

    So Pumped for this. Check out our Tiger comeback vid http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ATvObuDRfKY

  34. So_Southern713 says

    Funny that Phill couldn’t keep a straight face on stare down but then again Phill has always been the joker between the two! I think it’ll be a great match already ordered on pay per view and recording!!! GO TIGER!!!!!!🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁

  35. Perusing Person says

    Tiger is so full of shit and enjoys insulting your intelligence when spewing it. Who are these idiots who claim to be his fans? Also, Tiger is driven by hate against the establishment Phil doesn’t have to torment himself with.

  36. Linda Buford says


  37. now live says

    WATCH Tiger Woods vs. Phil Mickelson match LIVE 📱📺🔴 STREAM


  38. zigy Parker says

    What a damn good tournament chip in on 17 was awesome to send it to more holes watchn 18 now👍

  39. Mitch mitchell says

    2 biggest creeps on the tour

  40. V. V says

    What GENIUS decided $9mil purse for 18 holes sounded like a reasonable offer ?? I don't see why Phil or Tiger would've said no to $2-3mil for half days work ?

  41. John Wood says

    Phil is a great salesman

  42. equaminity ignominity says

    No matter what,Tiger you r the best golfer ever. You inspired so many out there. Go Tiger go.👍👍👍

  43. anglianchannel says

    when tiger tees off his coach holds up a picture of tigers wife In front of the club, he never misses when hitting his wife

  44. anglianchannel says

    watching this golf game is like jerking off to porn

  45. T BZ says

    22:35 we “all” don’t “live for those moments” where we hear what they say. I’m not a fan of golf because of Tiger’s thoughts or quick wit.

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