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The Downfall Of The Denver Broncos | Wonderdir


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  1. IceWithPaper says

    In a former Broncos fan now a stealer fan just because of stupid decisions. Tradin DT fucked everything. They just need to rebuild completely. Fire Vance joseph, Bring in a better person. Case needs some more weapons like leveon or Odell. The Broncos will never be good with a Vance joesph, no any team can't do it. The Broncos need that oline to step up. They need to bring in a vet type guy to help the team out. Let me know what y'all think Broncos nation!!! P.S. this is from a dude in green valley ranch

  2. José Ibsa Borrero Benavides says

    The 2011 and 2012 draft classes + excellent free agents like Aqib Talib, DeMarcus Ware and Emmanuel Sanders won the Broncos that Super Bowl. Unfortunately, the 2016 and 2017 draft classes have been, arguably, the worst in the Elway era (along with the 2013 class) and as the video said, a good QB masks a lot of things, but Trevor Siemian is not good enough to cover for 2 bad draft classes back to back and awful coaching. The 2018 draft class looks very good and Keenum isn't half as bad as people think. I would stay the course with Elway and Keenum and get new coaching staff. I think Musgrave should stay as a positions coach, as his plays are very, very good, but no other assistant or position coach really stands out to me other than him and Kollar.

  3. Stevey 1024 says

    Downfall of Packers

  4. Luis Sigala says

    I like von Miller and cese keeam

  5. Efrain Aguilar says

    Our team is a good team from offense and defence. It's just our coach and his staff. Case is a good QB. We can win games with, if we have a good coach

  6. Tortoise King says

    Both Vance Jospeh and John Elway are bad,they need to go,they know nothing🧠 go Denver

  7. tyranttz kk says

    Once they lost manning they suck

  8. Tyler Livingston says

    Little critique of your video. When you're talking about the 2013 Broncos and how they obliterated offensive records, you showed a clip from 3:08 to 3:15 that was from the 2014 season, which is a bit misleading. Manning did not break the all time career touchdown record in his 55 TD 2013 season, he did that the following year against the 49ers in week 7.

  9. John Plumleigh says

    As a diehard Broncos fan, your pit s are all extremely good. You basically summarize are team. There are things that can be explained more and a fe smaller issues as ell, but this is a great summery. I honk Chris Peterson is a interesting idea, but I am skeptical of hiring a college coach, (I m just being this on other great college coaches trying their luck in the NFL, aka: Nick Sabin). E defiantly need someone to fix the offense. When they hired Vance, I sad excel hat you said, he are we hiring a defensive minded coach. We have a great defense, we need offensive help. Let me know in the comments below a few coaching suggestions you think would work. My favorite one right now is John Harbaugh. (Idk if he s offensive minded but at this point in his career does it really madder).

  10. DryAssChicken says

    Just drop Vance to defensive coordinator and hire that one college dude

  11. Hùng Kiệt says

    Fire John Elway and Vance Joseph problems solve!

  12. Lamont Lloyd-Harris says

    Look for a quarterback and change the coaching staff.

  13. Yousir Cantknow says

    3rd youngest team in the league. Elway is building. You all need to calm down.


    Great video. I love my Broncos. KeeNuts has to go. So does Joseph.

  15. Aldo says

    Great video dude
    It's true, we have a lot of issues and Vance Joseph has brougth some and make others even bigger

  16. the FROYO says

    ☹ we need a qb

  17. optimusgoob says

    It’s clear VJ gotta go. I knew something was wrong with his leadership last year the way we lost to giants. Coming off a bye undefeated in an early season we get spanked by the giants on SNF. We came out flat and uninspired. To me that is on coaching period. The bright side to our latest woes are our draft choices. Case has to go as well but we might be stuck with him one more season.

    I believe we won’t be bad for too much longer. It always makes me laugh when some say they want Elway gone. Sure he struck gold with PM and everyone else behind PM has been a disaster. However we gotta remember he assembled the 2015 defense as well. He doesn’t get enough credit for that.

    I do think the mindset of winning with a great defense and basic offense is fading away. We got the chip in 2015 on the strength of the defense with a basic offense lead by PM. Now it’s appears the spread and RPO’s ala high scoring offenses are coming in. I’m hoping Elway and co are working on bring ingredients in personnel to compete with current trend of high scoring offenses.

  18. Faze_JOZIAH CASTRO says

    It’s everything are defense are offense and others nice vid rip broncos season

  19. Dave Summerville says

    Give case a chance you guys put him in a crap situation don't blame him get a new coach

  20. Billy Batson says

    That's what you get for hiring my defensive coordinator as your Head Coach.

  21. Evilfisher says

    I just found your channel and the videos are so high quality and professional I’m surprised your channel isn’t much larger

  22. Wil Hovater says

    Broncos are good
    Broncos win super bowl
    Broncos QB retires
    Broncos are bad
    The end

  23. Tyson Jackson says

    Don’t let this distract you from the fact that the Titans are 0-10 against Andrew luck

  24. Jacoby Taylor says

    We need a better QB

  25. Kirk Moore says

    Hey they fell hard last week …on the
    stinkin' Chargers! Anything can happen.

  26. Oh Yeah? says

    Harbaugh from Ravens reuniting with Kubiak as OC would turn the Broncos around.

  27. GlazeAK says

    Can you make a video on how the Packers are wasting Aaron Rodgers career?

  28. The Nikkerman says

    bro, you gotta do a little more than just read off your script, have some dramatic pauses, some fades and reintros, Its the little stuff that your channel is lacking that if you fixed would make really good vids

  29. Austin Esquibel says

    I just hope they don’t get rid of von Miller! If they do I’m going to be so pissed off at the Broncos, like he is one of our best defensive players if they get rid of him they are very naive

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