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‘The car’s on fire, I’m not going to make it’: Nurse recounts escape from California fire | Wonderdir


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At least 44 people have been killed in fires burning across California, including 42 in the so-called Camp Fire. Nurse Nichole Jolly recounts her harrowing escape from the fires in Paradise, California.

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  1. Brian Jones says

    Those poor liberals, call Pelosi and Maxine Waters for help.

  2. Hannah Rose Kardos says

    Just got to a safe zone. MD here. It's not my first fire. I'm old, tiny and mighty. I am widowed. Totally alone. I need to go back out to get things to ppl. Babies are still born, ppl have needs and dear G-D , I'm grateful to be able to help. I may be one, but I do more than my best with little $$ at my age. G-D bless all who help! The animals , too!! Think of a bombed out area.

  3. JIM LUNN says


  4. Kimberly Harrison says

    God bless this woman❤️My heart is broken watching this😭😭I just can’t even imagine…My prayers are with you Nicole Jolly❤️

  5. T T says

    i'm wondering how she finally got to safety. does anyone know?

  6. Common Ground says

    An N95 face mask is $2 at the store. And a nurse has access to lots of them. Keep a bunch in your car. Also, most new cars have little air filters. Turn your fan up in your car. Might help a little.

  7. I’m Floating says

    Much Respect.

  8. Tony Montana says

    When she says: “I’m alive” i totally feel that. My family had a house fire this summer and we are so lucky because no one got hurt. Possessions can be replaced, except pictures and such but I am so glad my family is ok

  9. Susan Countryman says

    God has a plan for this woman, she is surely blessed.

  10. not joke Yaya says

    Do you need a fire extinguisher in your car and home?

    water hose. drinking water .

    masks and drugs. and emergency oxygen bottles.

    or anti-fire clothing such as firefighters around fire-prone locations and maps. and signs of use or emergency alarm. and your sign?

    make sure you are safe?

  11. Log Splitta says

    "What is that like for you to see"?
    Where do they find these cretins?

  12. Grayson Ledford says

    This is tragic and i hope for everyone to get to safety however this video please understand 70% of California is under federal jurisdiction. This is not an issue with local firefighters. Most of California is to be protected by federal agencies.

  13. Liquid bend says

    Isn’t it odd that there’s 600 people missing ? Where are they ?

  14. Johnpnw says

    That was rude for them to overplay the video of her in the fire with the actual live feed… Kinda says that her details are boring and the video is what is exciting

  15. Becky John says

    So so sad

  16. Becky John says

    I cannot believe this can happen in this day and age thank god your safe ❤️

  17. TCatz Meow says

    This is a horrifying tragedy, I am so glad she made it out.

  18. rochester3 says

    this is a movie in real life

  19. Lightning Gazelle says

    Oh this poor girl 💔😧

  20. Snodge Kat says

    So brave 😭😭😭

  21. trophix says

    All praise due to Allah for getting you guys out safely. Alhamdulilallah

  22. S. Haider [Student] says

    Prayers for patience for all of you and rain.

  23. Rebecca Gutierrez says

    So glad she made it. I'm sure she will NEVER be the same. God bless her.

  24. The Boss says

    Damn. So how did she actually get away?

  25. rockboy2003 says

    My god

  26. Misfit Mama says

    Nurses ❤️ The Real Heroes!

    I’m proud of you, girl. From one nurse to another. 💗💗💗 God bless you.

  27. Flash says

    Did her friend in the car make it?

  28. Mutombo Tesfu says

    isn't it ironic that "paradise" california looks a lot like hell?

  29. Looks pretty lit

  30. ross rubin says

    When he said narrow path out of Paradise. More like narrow path out of hell!! Ironically there is a town nearby called Helltown and it probably looks like Paradise now!!!

  31. G T says

    Wait what? So how did she get out ??

  32. Iris Lovespeace says

    I can't even imagine what it was like for those who died in the fire. Horrible. God have mercy on all of California. Protect the people, and protect the animals. Desperately sad!

  33. Claire B says

    God bless this sweet nurse. She did not make a mistake by evacuating those patients. She did a heroic thing. I'm so sorry for her.

  34. Just Me says

    Bless her. Traumatic

  35. White Soul says

    I'm from Palu, Indonesia. This is our second chances to live. From the Lord Jesus. Do it right this time.

  36. Malathesh Jingade says

    what she was doing that movement that is right decision and we are sorry for this situation

  37. Roger Clemons says

    In the community of around 27,000 people, Our Savior Lutheran Assembly (LCMS)= ASHES, Ridge Presbyterian Assembly (PCA)= ASHES, Paradise Assembly of Christ = ASHES, First Assembly of God = ASHES, Craig Memorial Congregational Assembly = ASHES, Paradise Foursquare= ASHES, New Life Apostolic Assembly = ASHES, Paradise Pentecostal Assembly of God = ASHES, Community Assembly of the Brethren = ASHES, and Hope Christian Assembly burned to ASHES. The Assembly of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS) meetinghouse and a Center for Spiritual Living were also destroyed.

    There was one Church that survived without any damage. 

    St. Thomas more Catholic Church and school , survived the fire.

  38. Navin 's says

    Why the fire spread across.? Is that some one did that intentionally or wildfire because of excessive temperature?

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