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The 1975 “Sincerity Is Scary” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified | Wonderdir


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The 1975 make a case for earnestness with “Sincerity Is Scary,” the third single from the band’s album, ‘A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships.’ Produced by band members Matthew Healy and George Daniel, the song has accrued more than 10.5 million Spotify streams since its release on September 13.

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  1. Daniel says

    I get so much secondhand embarrassment from him he’s such a fucking dork 😣 I hate Jews

  2. Daniel says

    He’s trying to sound so intellectual and articulate and he’s talking like a poet but in reality he’s making no sense and it’s so embarrassing and cringey lmao

  3. Isary Avilez says

    This face is in every genius-the 1975 video

  4. Isary Avilez says

    I love how he really gets into the explanation

  5. Sagda says

    I’m literally in love with him

  6. pushup daisies says

    something for me to be thankful for

  7. Natalie says

    Matty is a true poet and I love him to bits 😩😍😊

  8. thatweirdgirleverywhere says

    How can i not understand and at the same time understand what he's saying???

  9. miros MONSE says

    The legs of Matthew 😂❤

  10. Alex Orozco says

    OMG!! at 0:20 he looks like Tyler Joseph from Twenty One Pilots

  11. Jessica Lizarraga says

    An intellectual

  12. Casey Perks says

    I wish I was smart enough to understand what he was talking about

  13. MariNate says

    Never would’ve expected to see the 1975 on genius. Love the new album. Easily one of the best bands out there

  14. Abby Reaves says

    Tell me why he looks like that boy from Coraline in the thumbnail

  15. Sukh Mykoc says

    Pretentious fool, obfuscating sentences, in an attempt to feign depth. All while looking like a twitchy Frankenstein's monster with a cheap wig and struggling to pronounce the letter "r".

  16. brave dalis says

    I just heard the song then how have I never heard of The 1975 you've got a new fan! <3

  17. Missy Vollmer says

    oh what a shame the poor groom’s bride is a….

  18. J Bob says

    He’s brilliant! Unfortunately many have our minds turned off for social norms

  19. CookieCreamCrumble says

    further affirming that i love him as a human

  20. Katelyn Louisa says

    Omg I actually love him so much!!! Best band everrrrrr

  21. Short Teletubby says

    He says the lyrics so poetically, as if it was a Shakespeare play.

  22. siddhesh ghag says

    does anyone else keep an extra google tab open to search the meaning of words you cant get when matty starts talking?

  23. Malea Torres says

    Love my fake deep king

  24. chimimy says

    an intellectual

  25. Luke Faulkner says

    You know you're doing well when your band is #1 on trending and the vid explaining lyrics is #3

  26. Paul Badman says

    I remember when Rockstars were cool and bad ass now day they act like the type of guy that lets black dudes fuck thier wives while they watch and jerk off in the corner lmao

  27. Ike Mike says


  28. Aslan says

    I feel attacked

  29. Alejandro Benavides says

    idk…gucci gang touched me more than this

  30. The Dark Side says

    i gained 3 brain cells watching this

  31. Piripiao says

    One of the reasons why I admire him as a person, an artist & a bonafide cool fellow, well done Matty boy, well done!

  32. Lamyeol 77 says

    I love him

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