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Tekashi 6ix9ine Explains Why He Fired His Team, Recent Shooting & New Album | Wonderdir


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  1. THROWBACK to when we bet 6ix9ine he wouldn't top this list 👉🏽 https://ihr.fm/2RZfzar

  2. Dominic Maye says

    You gotta understand people are dirty. Periodt. People been stealing, it's not a lost art. No one learned anything from the Selena situation decades ago…. people still do that. It's all about money that brings out the worse in people. That's everyday, b.

  3. agustine rios says

    This kid is lost.

  4. Mary Jeter says

    I wish he would’ve listened to fat joe… I low key think he’s going to get off though … that’s just me …

  5. Alex V says

    Free 69!!

  6. Thomas Coffison says

    hope he is free soon

  7. R Santa says

    1. Live ur life how u want, CTG telling him to stop talking reckless cuz it's gonna get him caught up is him thinking u can control destiny. Let's say 69 doesnt get locked up n this vid gets that 10mil 69 goes says sorry genuinely plans on changing who he is, walks outside a bus jumps the curb kills him then what is CTG gonna say? Never fear the only thing we is promised at birth DEATH live ur life how u want be happy so that when it's over u can still smile.

  8. cam1nc67 says

    All the warnings people offered this kid; he didn't listen…..
    O.G can't pass knowledge to the youth these days.."you haten'!!"
    Damn….shit done got real now..

  9. Ohio Truthseeker says

    EVERYONE NEEDS TO KNOW ABOUT THIS! THIS IS HOW THE WORLD IS CONTROLLED! It's called Gematria. Never heard of it? Well, it's the practice of coding numbers into words and it dates back to Babylon. It was later adopted into Jewish culture and has been used in many languages. A Jewish mysticism known as Kabbalah explains how God created the world by merging the letter and the number. If you pay attention it is everywhere in the mainstream. Meaning Hollywood, News, Sports, the Music Industry. Ever seen the movie with Jim carrey called The Number 23? Gematria is used in that movie and so many others. There's a movie called Murder By Numbers and on the cover they wrote it like so, Murd3r by Num8ers. Notice the 3 and 8.
    Murder = 38 in gematria. Also
    Death = 38
    Killing = 38
    There is also a song called murder by numbers by the band The Police that came out in the year 83, the reflection of 38?
    Look up Gematria Effect News on YouTube this brilliant man Zachary Hubbard figured out the code and has been able to predict multiple celebrity deaths including Prince and Muhammad Ali. He has also picked the winners of many championships in the NFL NBA and MLB over the last 5 years. Again please go to Gematria Effect News on YouTube everyone deserves to know about this code and what's really going on in the world. ✌

  10. Friedrice says

    69 ain't going away !! Lol

  11. Joe Moore says

    tweak at 13:53

  12. VoidLeak- says

    Charlamagne and tekashi hella funny they like older and younger siblings that hate eachother

  13. R Santa says

    2. This whole case feels like a setup. It reminds me of when Opie got setup by the Feds to look like a snitch on that show sons. 4 all we know they don't have shit on him but since he was around them other dudes he got caught up too. There needs to be clear surveillance of him in the act or it didn't happen. Trust no 1 not even the feds/government.

  14. Muggz Cervantes says

    He touched his glasses about a thousand times

  15. Felicia’s Way says

    This might top his first interview cause of what just happened and what he saying …. all the conspiracies coming soon I’m here for it .. god bless

  16. Annette Kin says

    I don't get face tattos…I really don't…-.-

  17. Lydia Townley says

    He's to young to have life in jail

  18. Mlssr Sevenseven says


  19. Flying Filipino says

    Famous last words.

  20. Angeluz Mayhem says

    if you say you only fear God and the FBI, if you gave your life to God you wouldn't have to fear the FBI

  21. C. Malik says

    They Shit Trash , But My Shit Fiyah 😪😅

  22. zionmikerap0770 says

    "I'm hot!"
    Yup, you so hot only idiots touched you and got seen by po'po.
    Keep singeing. I mean singing. Like a parrot. Snitching on yourself. Rap Snitches Kniches=(MF Doom. The REAL King of Hip Hop!!!)

  23. bitchasshoeism says

    He talks almost exactly like Trump

  24. Yandel Harrison says

    So rainbow brite became a rapper fucks a 13 year old , posts video on social media. Runs around claiming to be member of the bloods , hires blood gang members as his security team. Then goes around picking fights , sending his entourage to rob people , shoot people , etc. Gets kidnapped , escapes , all this while feds listening in and then arrest him for his own protection after hearing member of his entourage threaten to super violate him? This nigga is a federal informant. Espeacially since he says he can do whatever he wants , hes untouchable and immortal.

  25. Daniel Bakens says

    This fool thinks he is a God or Wut?? Arrogant douche Lolzzz hope he gets life

  26. Saun Krystian says

    Corporate Hip Hop interviewers….Breakfast Club will never embrace rebels

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