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Sumi Makes Deepak Jealous By Holding Rohit Hands | BiggBoss 12 Update | Wonderdir


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  1. guru shahi says

    Somi aur sristy dono he kuda line marti hai aur bada Mai kuch sawal kiya jaye to rona Dona do no suryu ho jata hai

  2. Bikash Thakur says

    Deepak aur somi both are looking cute together….

  3. Pooja Kumari Pooja Kumari says

    बहुत अच्छी वही चीज बहुत अच्छी लगती है

  4. Sarbina Yesmin says


  5. Anil Gait says

    So cute

  6. Sri Latha says

    Somi and rohith jodi achi lagtha hey

  7. Naveen Jain says

    Best jodi

  8. Simran Elahi says

    sopak is Best

  9. pragati trivedi says

    Somi ko pata nhi Kon sunder bolta hai …i hate her ….kaluti aur kalmuhi hai ak number ki ….ak bh akal nhi hai bevkuff me …har time dipak ki help se bachti rahti hai Varna kab ka bhar ho gyi hoti is show se ….subah se makeup laga kar baith jati hai … senseless

  10. Arvind Verma says

    Very sweet

  11. Priyanka Yadav says

    Somi and dipak ki masti Vry cute so nice jodi

  12. Sadhvi Kumari says


  13. Munu Nanda says

    sopak are looking soon cute yaar

  14. NITAI PAUL says

    sree fan hit like

  15. Prem Gupta says


  16. Sa A says

    some and Deepak looking cute

  17. Shashikant Kurmi says

    A1 dam chkhash

  18. amna javed says

    Perfect jodi inke waja say to game main maza &romance hay chay jhota he sahe

  19. Saritha Rangaswamy says

    I hate both 👎👎

  20. mariam rana says

    carry on mza ata hy

  21. Tripti Arya says

    I dont like somi now; sabhi uske liye sacrifice krne lgte Hai uske liye

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