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Stan Lee explains why Spider-Man is just a regular guy, 1977 | Wonderdir


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In 1977, Stan Lee (1922-2018) explains how Spider-Man’s problems make him a more relatable and popular superhero.

Here’s a clip from a 1977 appearance on CBC’s 90 Minutes Live, in which Stan Lee talks about Spider-Man and how he is a character who people can relate to – moreso than the perfect heroes of the past.

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  1. WITE FOX says

    How boring people are they didn’t take him seriously

  2. Mo mo says

    1:23 that's the reason why I love Marvel better than DC

  3. CJ Fernelius says

    He's so right though, Marvel characters are far more human and relatable than DC

  4. ThatGamer065 says

    He doesn’t look anything alike, but his voice is so recognizable

  5. Jason Hagood says

    The talk show host looks a bit like and sounds like Harrison Ford!

  6. Joker says

    This man has the Charisma and Humor !
    R.I.P. Legend <3

  7. Kang' George 5 says

    The creativity on this guy has influenced my entire Imagination in life, 20 years. Everything I do, I envision what Stan Lee was thinking when creating characters, 1 Man CAN make a difference.
    Wherever he is God granted him the gift of seeing A lot of his characters brought to life by people who were not even born when he created them.
    That my friends is a dream come true

  8. Kang' George 5 says

    1 Stan can Marvel the World,. Excelsior

  9. mike gossner says

    The good ole Antenna definition channel.

  10. mike gossner says

    Interesting how people nowadays that stream drawing comics has that same vibe. Very great people to chill and talk with.

  11. Ali Fareed M.C. says

    Stan Lee Got way more credit than he deserved

  12. Major Dickface says

    I just realized how wild it was to see stan without glasses on

  13. thomas owen says

    Wow never seen Stan lee young before

  14. lifeofnate says

    just look at those shiny mac daddy bebops

  15. daddydojang says


  16. Ryan Pugh says

    I loved his sarcasm

  17. MysteryBounty says

    Stan is respected and missed but wtf this interviewer started it by saying he was the 1 mind behind all those characters but Stan Lee did not create really any of them by himself.

  18. josiah mcgill says

    Rest in peace

  19. zakaria radoine says

    3:444 beautiful just beautiful 😭

  20. Pew .mp7 says

    And in 1978 , he team with toei and than supaidaman was born

  21. medash lashal says

    fu&£ bill maher

  22. Jay Rock Jinx says

    I love you and miss you Stan Lee.

  23. Sethionie says

    Rest In Peace Stan Lee 🙁

  24. Danial Howe says

    Damn stan was a SWINGER back in the day lol

  25. Cucumber Nugget says

    Thought the guy that talks first was Stan Lee. RIP Stan Lee

  26. Rifqi Adinata Illavi says

    His voice is legend. R.I.P Mr Stan lee

  27. Rifqi Adinata Illavi says

    NUFF SAID !!!

  28. -Fionn - says

    I’m not crying.. You’re crying.

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