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So Close, Yet So Far | Lagno vs Wenjun Ju | FIDE Women’s World Championship 2018 | Wonderdir


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Kateryna Lagno vs Wenjun Ju
FIDE Women’s World Championship Game 4, 22-Nov-2018
Sicilian Defense: Nezhmetdinov Rossolimo (B31)

1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bb5 g6 4. O-O Bg7 5. Re1 e5 6. a3 Nge7 7. Nc3 O-O 8. Bc4 d6 9. d3 h6 10. Nd5 Kh7 11. c3 f5 12. exf5 gxf5 13. b4 Ng6 14. b5 Na5 15. Ba2 Be6 16. Qa4 b6 17. Bd2 Rg8 18. Rad1 Qd7 19. Nh4 Bh8 20. Nxg6 Rxg6 21. Qh4 Rag8 22. g3 Qf7 23. c4 Bf6 24. Nxf6+ Rxf6 25. f4 Rg4 26. Qh3 Rfg6 27. Rf1 Qg7 28. Kh1 Bc8 29. Qh5 Bb7+ 30. Kg1 Rxg3+ 31. hxg3 Rxg3+ 32. Kf2 Rg2+

Thumbnail photo by Sophie Triay https://twitter.com/sophiettriay



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  1. Railway Railway says

    Your pet goes crazy on sofa…. isn't it seems really funny…lol

  2. Alistair Wentworth says

    I’m a weak player, can someone please explain why at the moment Alekhine's gun is deployed (15:00) white’s playing F4 immediately does not solve her problems?

    Agadmator, as always loving your videos. (You’ve spoiled those of your followers who have come to expect perfect delivery every time. IMO it’s those occasional imperfections that bring us together.)

  3. Upendra Dewangan says

    Hey agadmator, can u shows us play between you and windows chess level 10 ,it would be insteresting

  4. XxKara001xX says

    15:39 why not rook to f3 to defend g3 pawn?

  5. Nombre Apellido says

    hands down more exciting than Caruana vs Carlsen match

  6. Tanuj Banka says

    play live blitz game with us

  7. Kevin Williams says

    You can never see this kind of loss at high level men’s chess . Just saying. Big difference between men and women strength

  8. Immortan Joe says

    Why is there even a womens championship? Women should compete with men.

  9. celicom says

    14:10 0 why "knight n a bishop for the rook"when whites have the bishop too.?? Its probably a a win for whites

  10. Ayush Kumar says

    Too much distraction on left side of the screen, can't focus on the game

  11. anarki777 says

    The top woman player is not in the top 20 of all chess players….

  12. stephen0793 says

    Congratulations Wenjun Ju!

  13. White Fang says

    14:11… Really?? Did you miss the fact that Wh has the dark square bishop?

  14. The AMV TOP 50 says

    Reminds me of when Leko just needed a draw with the white pieces against Kramnik to win the championship but blew it. Also reminds me of when Bronstein just needed one point over the last two games to beat Botvinnik, but lost one and drew the other. Karpov also just needed a draw in the last game of one of the matches with Kasparov. Those three, along with Korchnoi and Karjakin, were as close to winning a world championship match as you can get.

  15. piotr monn says

    i have this strange feeling, im afraid that some day your demonic dog may stabb you.

  16. Kit Carson says

    Sir I think your dog is broken

  17. MARIN says

    Women rule !

  18. AOB says

    I love the new feature of you drinking water (15:13). A great addition to your videos! 🙂

  19. Kenn Fong says

    There must be some mistake. Games in a World Championship must always be draws!

  20. Jason Rawls says

    Is it Wenjun Ju or Ju Wenjun?

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