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Shotti Planned to Murder 6ix9ine Before He was Arrested According to the FEDS | Wonderdir


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Shotti Planned to Murder 6ix9ine Before He was Arrested According to the FEDS
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/domislivenews
Twitter: https://twitter.com/domislivenews

  1. Alonzo Boyd says


  2. Cory Cloud says

    He'll be dead within a year.

  3. Trap Boy says

    Do these dummies not know not to talk about certain things in the phone
    Goofy asses.and have they ever heard of walmart disposable.phomes..goddamn idiots

  4. MonsterKen60 says

    Gots to be more careful,🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️. Should have stayed humble

  5. zoe blood says

    This whole things a troll, he coming out later for his album before the end of today.

  6. Fight Night says

    The white man always wins when will you learn? This young iq of 50 is forrest gump dumb and so is every one in every low income hood,we keep you away from our lovely houses in projects full of murders haha low lives ANOTHER WIN FOR THE WHITE MAN WE ALWAYS WIN N NIGS LOSING FOREVER!

  7. Fight Night says

    What TRUMP needs to do is bring BACK PUBLIC LYNCHINGS ON TREES !! I'd cry happy TEARS I SWEAR IF I saw my first nigga get hung !

  8. Holifield23 says

    Since when does someone want to kill someone and they put charged on u? Shit don’t even sound right. U can’t just make up charges. 69 is rich he can outrun them bloods who was already locked up. And super violate doesn’t necessarily mean kill. FOH this shit sounds stupid

  9. Orlando Anderson says

    Gen pop= general population


    His bottom is going to get annihilated in prison

  11. Mike Welch says

    Guilty by association

  12. NOSNEB says

    Maybe he was scared BUT I just wanna say to all the people that don’t know jail be cold as fuck sooo lol

  13. Chris Maggiulli says

    Tekashi69 is like a cute Spanish chick. also why does every city have a reckless dude named shotti. I've known two shottis in my life. Onewas dead before he turned 21 the other made permanently retarded by those bullets at 19

  14. Jason says

    Damn they gonna get all up in his booty

  15. Gajeel Session says

    69 been wanting all the smoke for a while now. He gonna get all he can handle now.

  16. ramon zaragoza says

    You never ever piss off the FEDs… Never.

  17. ZenGotBars says

    6ix 9ine seems smart enough to not participate in the crime himself but not smart enough to not associate with criminals

  18. Broadway Metropcs says


  19. Broadway Metropcs says


  20. Maryann Bobrowski Graziano says

    I Dont know what happened six nine why you in Jail you Dont Belong there you are still a Hero too me🐰💜💯💯💯💯💯💯

  21. Mohamed Ahmed says

    Fuck these tattooed face pink hair funny 😆 looking mtf’s

  22. ANDYWAFFLEZ says

    Not suprised at all lol 😂

  23. citisolo1 says

    You walk into jail with tats on your face and rainbow hair your just asking for trouble, and to add to that the homies wanna "super"-violate you? Not cool

  24. Slots Addict says

    6fag will be sucking alot of big black cock for a long long time since he kept telling everyone to suck his dick Now the tables have turned his little gangster act backfired badly

  25. Next Up Sounds says

    it really be your OWN people… smh

  26. Skoots says

    All of these retarded asses are just fake fucks. Fuck Pink Hair. Fuck Rainbow Hair. Fuck the mumble rap people. FUCK ALL THESE FUCKING FAKE FUCKS. They should fucking bring back rap. Eminem is the only evidence to this day of real rap music.

  27. S Thomas says

    When Shotti said Super Violate him he meant sexually

  28. Sweet Jones says

    FEDS gonna super violate everyone! Trey Way= 30 plus.

  29. alex Martinez says

    Social media is the down fall for entertainers in these days ratting on them selves

  30. PkmnTrainerCam says

    I'd imagine "Super-Violate" has two meanings in Gen-Pop.

  31. Tyler K K says

    He makes a cute bitch

  32. New Era says


  33. Douche Bag says

    OMG this guys voice is sooo fucking annoying. Stop Deep Throating. lol

  34. Boogie Tyme says

    Law 2 never put to much trust in friends learn how to use your enemies #48lawsofpower

  35. Torie Jackson says

    Lol where was the feds when Biggie and Tupac got shot

  36. Beardownmut says

    bet 6ix9ine gone get out

  37. Five hundred 20s says

    I see his problem Mexican kid trying to be affiliated with some bloods lol he should've stuck with his own kind but then again he's just a little kid stop acting like he's some big mob boss who cares about this kid really

  38. GwopUpEnt says

    Where is the paperwork where it says shotti planned to kill him where does it say that specificity anywhere someone direct me

  39. TheDlewis10 says

    He talked the talk now he gotta back it up blood this blood that he better take that 1 mill and pay the bloods for protection he better tell his label to drop all his music and whatever he get out of it put on his books cause he done

  40. Anchor says

    Only time FBI protects people is when they are snitching.

  41. C N says

    69 work'n wit da feds..he a total pussy with that 🌈 hair…u can't be a fake gangsta u run with these real thuggs..u gotta live a real thug life. Wat real n** go on Instagram when they know their life in danger😒..pussy

  42. Sean Briggs says

    “Subliminal” not “sublinimal”

  43. Ricky Vasquez says

    Now he ain’t got no protection. That’s why he should’ve not beefed with anyone. He one dumb ass fool

  44. True Disciple NP says

    In South Africa 6.9 means piss lol

  45. Chris Redell says

    He's not in general pop dumb dude man he got moved to another prison already know for inmates who cooperate no gang members nothing in there kinda like p.c

  46. Mr. Porter says

    He's going to beat this and blow up even bigger

  47. Oceanz Made It says

    LMAOOOOOOO…. out of EVERY single report you the ONLY one saying it was shotti … bro STOP SPECULATING MY GUY

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