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Satellite imagery shows drastic before and after Camp Fire | Wonderdir


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The wildfire that essentially destroyed the Northern California city of Paradise continued to burn Monday while search teams sifted through the ashes looking for more victims.

A total of 699 people, down from nearly 1,000 this weekend, were listed as missing Monday night, and Butte County Sheriff Kory Honea has urged area residents to see whether they or their friends or family members are on the list. Honea hopes the list will shrink quickly as residents check in to say they are safe.

Honea also said the death toll may never be known.

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  1. wise eyes says

    Someone best tell the truth,no forest fire here,its as obvious as last yrs fires.Land grab,only thing burnt are homes,vehicles,ppl died ,Its clear from overhead whats happend here,our government.

  2. Syntarius says

    This is a false flag operation called /Campfire/ orchestrated by THE DEEP STATE by using their Direct Energy Weapons. #WWG1WGA #QAnon #DrainTheSwamp

  3. Load¡ng says

    Why do people live in these areas known for destruction to happen. Idiots, mother nature cleansing herself again from disgusting people

  4. Mary Mccarson says

    weather warfare…..it's on people….

  5. ANGRY DAD says

    For a "camp fire" it burned just houses.

  6. Douglas Compton says

    If I was a victim of a lost loved one in the campfire fire I would be pounding down Jerry Brown's f**** door and put my foot in his a***** and then I would f**** shoot that mother f*** where it counts

  7. Alpha 0mega says

    Fire has become allergic to trees. This is the new norm so they say.

  8. Space Duck says

    I smell arson

  9. WWG1WGA 1984 says

    Looks like a controlled burn to me.

  10. zacho cracy says

    USA TODAY has been on top of things!

  11. cat nabbes says

    Fake news is t enemy of the people.. just like 911

  12. John Doe says

    Well agenda 2021 has been implemented… seems pretty silly the fires only burnt buildings. Its probably the DEW, aka Direct Energy Weapons. Bah im just crazy! 🖕🏼

  13. David Abbott says

    Who cares its California

  14. Tomy Boyle says

    They forgot to microwave those trees right in the middle.CA Governor Brown needs to be indicated, but now that he got 500 million out of Trump he might stop.

  15. Dirty DriftZ says

    mw2 loading

  16. Mountain Meadow Mormonism says

    Some of the most worthless, low resolution video out there

  17. Jimmy Butler says

    Do these videos remind you of what you read in the bible? it does to me.

  18. Fodor says

    thsi fire is not from this planet. sound crazy but is true.

  19. wiiwille says

    China is here to collect their debt they want California

  20. California Caleb says

    42 people like that thousands of people lost their homes, welp, their going to hell

  21. el jefe Salazar says

    The fire purge

  22. Predator7 says

    That DOES NOT look normal,someone has to be behind this shit

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