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Today I am revealing (and judging) more of your secrets… Happy thanksgiving! I am thankful for all of your submissions… at least the ones that aren’t completely disturbing.

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About ayydubs:
My name is Alyx, or Ayydubs on the internet. You may have seen my Hidden Camera Uber Prank series, where I completely distress innocent people. If you can’t handle the cringe, I also make vlogs, advice videos, skits, sketches and whatever else I so please. New videos every Thursday.




    One time I f’d a stuffed animal and my step brother saw.. I said it was a skit for my friend.. he brings it up every once in a while and I cringe..

  2. Sinky616 says

    8:00 same but these thoughts are plans like staring a loved one in the eye while piercing a kitchen knife through their heart then slowly twisting it and watching them bleed out while gasping for air and whispering “I never loved you” as they take their last breath and drop to the blood soaked floor colourless is most definitely on my bucket list

  3. Avery Svec says

    more of these plz

  4. Ella Draws says

    Her lipstick is killing me…

  5. fluffi bby says

    here’s a confession: my friends killed two people using voodoo. one was diagnosed with cancer after they used the doll on them and they later died, the other in a car wreck. now the house they did the voodoo in is haunted. they always here loud crashing and footsteps when the two of them are alone in the house together. (the voodoo doll disappeared after the second person died)

  6. Star Galaxy VA says

    ALXY!!! PLEASE READ! So when I was 10 maybe 11 my dad would fuck me in the ass hole and I would like it…now that I’m 12 I give him blowjobs instead…good practice for my boyfriend lmao

  7. Jessica Lan says

    where do we go to submit our secretsss

  8. molly Is cool says

    This one time my teachers phone was connected to the tv and she was texting her bf and we saw her sexting him she told us it was a sex ed class lmfao

  9. Jazmyne Aguirre says

    one time i needed to ask my brother something and he lives in the basement so i went down there and he accidentally flashed his small peepee at me because he had just gotten oit of the shower. i never wanted to shoot myself more

  10. Azurestudios56 Xo says

    Alyx!! I just submitted!!! =)

  11. Kahuku Tropical says

    HOLY SHART u didn’t do mine ;(

  12. You shall not pass says

    Okay sigh (THIS IS MESSED UP) one time on the first day of the year my cousin was babysitting and I was being a weird shit and we got weird and I tried to get him to f*** me but I backed out of it and told my mom that he tried to rape me (I'm sorry cousin)

  13. Itzela Tafolla says

    i dont know why you remind me of hannah baker???

  14. Lily Asmr says

    Sometimes I have sex with a stuffed animal or pillows tbh I kinda like it and it feels good

  15. Marina McKenzie says

    Alyx is so real in this video omg

  16. That Aint It Chief says

    When I was 7-8 I was sleeping over with one of my family friends at my house and he kissed me and said that we were getting married and continuously tried to kiss me while I played roblox on my computer. Today, I call him my cousin around my friends that we play video games with and we haven't talked about that day since.

  17. someone says

    One time I put my brothers fish in the railroad tracks Cho cho

  18. I luv these videoz so much cuz they make me laugh

  19. Holly Hodges says

    I aspire to have your cheekbones honestly

  20. Holly Hodges says

    I genuinely NEED more of these videos😂

  21. Beavis and Butthead says

    No one knows my secrets 😏😉

  22. fruit salad yummy yummy says

    Me and my brother used to draw faces on eachother butts and we took pictures of our butts on our DS's. My family ended up seeing the pictures. LOVE LIFE

  23. Sofia Nester says

    i’m not over it LMFAO

  24. Emma J says

    At my school, I usually act like I hate everyone and I think I am quite and asshole to a lot of people, but the truth is that I am just so afraid to rely on people because I don't want to get hurt, and my friends that I have now don't really like me and my home life sucks as well. It has gotten to the point where I can't feel anything "happy" anymore, so I make jokes about how I am not ok, but they, in truth, are not jokes and they are my way of saying that I am so close to giving up and I just don't know what to do. All in all, my life suck.

  25. Annabel Hulbert says

    When I was 6 my brother had this hamster that I hated because it made noise in the night and it drove me crazy. So one day I grabbed the hamster and put it in a card board box, dug a whole in the ground and buried it alive. To this day my brother and parents think it ran away but really its buried in the garden

  26. Alicia Hunding says

    Never have clicked a video faster

  27. Desmyn Chudik says

    I dj on the downlo 😉😂

  28. Elizabeth Luna says

    Okay but does anyone else think that the secret about the father with child pornography could be a law & order svu episode???

  29. Aiyana Medeiros says


  30. Jazmin valdez says

    (Please read) When I was 3 years old I had neighbor who was my friend who had a brother 5 years older than me. One time we decided to lay down on the same bed and touch each other. It felt good but I wont do it again. When I was 10 I told my therapist and said he raped me and he was put in jail. I want to feel bad but I end up laughing about it

  31. Emilylovesundertale11 Lol says

    I once swallowed ten cents. Well it was like 4 years ago actually. And I was freaking dame stupid. I put the coin in my mouth and dame swallowed it. I don’t know if it’s out of my body or if it’s still there. /// I’m still stupid so the other day I made my own stupid joke. It’ll go like this. “You wanna know something? I’m worth ten cents. Cause I swallowed ten cents before… or I worth nothing.” 🤷‍♀️ what has my life come to?-//

  32. GlitterShrek says

    Damn, did I ghost write the last one???

  33. Carmen C says

    She's so pale omg hahahah

  34. Michael Myers says

    Ok here's a list of confessions

    1. When I was 7 I stole 60 dollars from my mom she never found out
    2. I found a condom wrapper in my parents room, I went up to my mom and said I found a golden ticket
    3. I sometimes fantasize about killing myself and others in various ways

    I'm only 11 years old lol

  35. Angel Diamond says

    So glad I didn’t watch this while eating my turkey

  36. Kayla Gold says

    when I was younger I use to bite my nails real bad and I was jealous of my sisters nails because she didn't bite hers and they looked nice so I manipulated her into biting them and she still does to this day… I also use to steal coins from her piggy bank and I pushed her down a hill in a pram and she crashed into a gate at the bottom, I still laugh at the thought. am I a bad sister?

  37. c a s s i d y says

    1:05 bitch wat

  38. Devyn Cook says

    me: h-
    alyx's eyebrows: ~ ~

    not in a mean way, i love your channel g

  39. Thad Brisson says

    Alyx why are you pale are you ok

  40. Leslie De La Rosa says


  41. Thad Brisson says


  42. Anysa Martin says

    Flash back Mary ?

  43. Will Warner says

    how am i not getting sick of this?

  44. Jizlene Berumen says

    Bruh why she look like a ghost no affence luv u ayyduds😚😚😂😂

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