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Razer Neutered the Blade. | Wonderdir


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Razer tried to make a cost down version of the Blade, but how much did they sacrifice in making it cheaper?

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  1. MrYaYx says

    Some company should make a gaming laptop without battery.

  2. Foxtrot 17 says

    I would just build a PC and then buy a laptop because of the prices of those laptops I have a HP Envy x360 and I can game on that and it doesn't cost that much I have the older model that has the ryzen 5 2500u and 8 gb of RAM and 1 terabyte of storage and it was $600

  3. Михаил Янович says

    Almost Drop Tips

  4. Noob Plays says

    Is it worth it from a m6600 i5 model?

  5. Mathijs Bosman says

    What laptop should I get for college? Im gonna study IT and Ill need a powerfull laptop for coding and stuff like thar.

  6. Marcus Ciantar says

    I liked just cos of the transition .. I did see it coming xD

  7. Rawmusse says

    The Asus Zephyrus GX531GS isn't worh $1700, its a 2k + laptop.

  8. GothicTech says

    I Would love this laptop for daily coding, editing and 3d molding on the go.. .but I am too broke 🙁

  9. Cormoran says

    I don't agree about the basic blade's webcam being worse, the Zephyrus' webcam sounded like you were talking through a CB radio.

  10. Cafer Sahin says

    Huge missed opportunity by not calling the video "Razer dulled the Blade"

  11. Gaming and stuff says

    Is tat teh realn libus??!! Hmmmmmmmng

  12. Graeme Duncan says

    At 2400 dollars then whew …..replayed that a few times, will make the outtake roll, well done Linus 🤣

  13. AdmiralTeitoku says

    Whats the best High-end gaming laptop as of now? Like not caring about weight.

  14. TheTruthNJ09 says

    Wait… The USB ports are green inside? I thought the USB coalition said that was a no-no and that USB 3.0 ports must be blue? Unless those aren't 3.0 USB ports…

  15. iRA says

    I'm glad you didn't cut that elbow hit ,🤣🤣🤣

  16. Tim Weydert says

    My Zephyrus GM501GS has a stellar keyboard, a normal trackpad, a 144hz panel, a full 1070, 500gb nvme ssd, 1tb hdd, and a crappy battery life.
    (Btw… Who actually uses a laptop on their lap? Aside from movie watching on a couch or in bed, in which case you won't be typing anyways and aside from that, the old GS with the weird keyboard didn't bother me at all. I actually preferred the lower keyboard when it was on my desk… But again, the GM501 has an excellent keyboard in the traditional position…)

  17. DaMissionaryMan says

    I'll stick to my blade stealth and look at getting an external gpu

  18. Tsugatr says

    Hey everyone! I'm saving money to build my first PC, started today. I want to spend 500€ max, and I want to get the PC parts and the monitor. Somethings here can be tweaked, so here is the list of parts I'm buying, and I would love an opinion of yours.

    CPU: Pentium Gold G5400 3.7GHZ
    MOBO: Asus PRIME H310M-K
    RAM: G.Skill Aegis 2400Mhz 1x8gb
    GPU: MSI GTX 1050
    CASE: Bitfenix Nova Black
    HDD: Seagate Barracuda 1TB
    PSU:Cooler Master MWE 500w
    DVD: Asus 24D5MT

    I will use it to surf the web, some gaming (Rocket League, PUBG, etc.) and some virtualization and emulation. What do you think?

  19. Gas Mask says

    You of all people should know that a fucking laptop needs to be plugged in when gaming stop fussing over the fucking batterys

  20. Ban Hammer says

    Why don't you guys compare it to the new Zepherus M instead of the older GX versions?

  21. Darky R says

    just because you like the razer doesn't mean you have to hurt POOR OL' ZEPHY

  22. Alek says

    WTF does the Neutered mean?

  23. tortillawing tv says

    Still better than a MacBook

  24. Jeremiah Acosta says

    But is it already tracer?

  25. jan eisenbeton says

    Last time I was this early my girlfriend laughed at me

    Jk I don't have a girlfriend

  26. Kyle TheTreeKat says

    15 seconds in and Linus has already almost dropped a laptop, let's go

  27. NicoD says

    Stop pulling those stupid faces. I hate it.

  28. Sursurk says

    thin laptops without replaceable batteries SUCK

  29. It me says

    Why not recommend the Gigabyte Aero 15x? Great battery, great display, and great graphics.

  30. Gabriel A says

    i couldve used this last night….dammit linus

  31. CeeLee says

    Or you could get less storage space and get the base model for $1600 which puts it way under the Asus.

  32. KPLIITZ says

    But can it run minecraft a 60 fps?

  33. ChaoticEnigma says

    I'll take functionality over unnecessarily thin any day. I want a proper keyboard, a good graphics card, decent storage and decent battery life. That should NOT be too hard to ask for, and yet, is doesn't seem to exist.

  34. WobbleCat says

    Is that a cannabis plant in the corner?

  35. Kirubel Girma says

    Glad I did not compromise with my Razer 🙂 1070 Max Q is stupid OP!

  36. Brown Iverson says

    I mean you do get a 144hz 1080p with 1060 gtx, thats what u get for $2000
    what is that intermediate blade ?

  37. chinchy111 says

    i never like Razer products. they remind me of Alienware

  38. BraboGamers says


  39. CornFlakesCSGO says

    0:12 – Classic Linus

  40. Sir Smiles says

    In about 12 months the laptop will probably disintegrate and you will be left with no choice but to deal with their retarded customer service. After getting a blade and mouse i thought i would never use another brand again (despite the price) until things just stopped working for no reason and i kept having to request parts from (no exaggeration) the worst support i have ever experienced.

  41. Rakib Hasan says

    meh… The MSI GS65 or the GS63 8RE beats both of them haha

  42. saab92513584 says

    He keeps bringing up the zephyrus, but MSI makes the GS63 stealth with identical specs for $1400 with even better I/O and a numpad. I know Linus hates hard on numpads but I primarily use Cad and excel for work so numpad is a must.

  43. Nathan Savage says

    That moment when the "reduction in power" does backflips over my desktop

  44. Tomson Production says

    How much it cost?

  45. Kurias Paul says

    A neutered Blade for a neutered Linus.

  46. Rodrick HD says

    razer laptops will die fast and support is 0

  47. 0:11 Linus almost pulled a Linus

  48. Ridojimo Arika says

    0:11 Cardiac Arrest.

  49. Darko says

    Hits the Laptop keeps it cool, no one will see it someone will cut it out xD

    Editor: Thats gone stay in !

    FUCK YES hahah XD

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