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Rams vs. Chiefs was the greatest regular season game Stephen A. Smith has ever seen | First Take | Wonderdir


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Stephen A. Smith breaks down the atmosphere during the Los Angeles Rams’ showdown against the Kansas City Chiefs during Monday Night Football.

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  1. Michael Herd says

    People keep talking about how easy it is to score now..

    Then why are only three teams consistently putting up big numbers? The Steelers aren’t consistently putting up a lot of points. The Patriots aren’t consistently putting up a lot of points. The Panthers aren’t consistently putting up a lot of points. The Chargers aren’t consistently putting up a lot of points.

    The Saints, Rams, and Chiefs are. Is it a bit easier? Sure. But they’re still the exception, not the rule. These three teams aren’t scoring because of rule changes. They’re scoring because they’re ridiculously powerful.

  2. jason sims says

    What is this guy talking about defense rules? Someone explain?

  3. Charles Johnson says

    check this out, those clowns do not have any idea about football, or any other sports never played with a organization. I doubt if they can play house shoes. that wasn't even close to a good game . no defense both teams showed me if a top defense come along they better have a good field goal kicker

  4. RAIDER RICH says

    The only reason why there was 90 thousand+ fans there was that they gave away free tickets. The Rams cannot sell out that Stadium. But that USC Trojans can.

  5. Glen Mays says

    Yea.but your chiefs lost

  6. Max 117 says

    Glad to see Max shut both of them up.

    I was wondering who the voice of reason would be.

    I loved the game too but let's be real, it's not a better game than say the Titans and Ravens in 2000. They were the two best teams in the league and they were IN THE SAME DIVISION.

    I'm sure we could also point out those 49ers v Seattle games not long ago when San Fran and Seattle were dominating. Or how about when Peyton and Brady would go against each other? Their duels in 2009 and 2007 were especially fun to watch.

    SAS just has a short memory. Like Skip. Every time, it's the greatest thing he's EVER seen.

  7. Alex Crespo says

    Your def right

  8. Jeschitown says

    God forbid someone talk real sense about today's NFL and Stephen cried about it LMAO

  9. Querencias7 says

    Wow! Talk about an exciting game! (^_^) Thank you S.A. Smith. Sincerely, Rams Fan.

  10. URUSOIMI says

    Put Aquib Talib on the Chiefs, and Patrick Mahomes would get his gay
    self shanked faster than a child molester in prison. Someone please
    teach Mahomes how to walk like a man at least. That's the difference in
    this game . Goff is a m-a-n. I'm not even a Rams fan. BEAR DOWN!!!

  11. Don Chambliss says

    Brady will pick both teams apart

  12. Alex Sparhawk says

    The collar turtle neck is not a good look. Kinda like shoulder pads in the 80’s

  13. Anthony Todd says

    This clown don't know football!!!..so Stfu!!!!!! You loud mouth

  14. stephenrg95 says

    Giants vs Saints in 2015

  15. mathew phelps says

    Well we already know what happened when the Rams played the Saints. LOSS!!! Got shut down!!! As good as their offenses are, they won't make it against a team with half of a defense. Patrick showed he can't handle being pressured. I hope we get to see a Saints/Cheifs Super Bowl so everyone can finally see who is the best team in the league. GEAUX SAINTS!!!!

  16. BootlegFightVideo says

    With no rooting interest it was one of the best regular season games for me. Dan Marino beating the undefeated Bears meant more and I loved watching both of those teams but McMahon not starting took a bit away from it. The Patriots making 16-0 on the Giants was a great and important game especially later when it gave the Giants a preview to beat them in the Superbowl.

  17. Brian London says

    Very exciting but a game with zero defences outside of 3 big plays isn't great.

  18. J Anderson says

    meh..…………we do it every week in the big 12……and everyone raves about the sec. bamas NCs aside the big 12 puts a better steak on the plate every meal.

  19. Relayer6a says

    If you like that you'll love Arena league.

  20. Michael Artan says

    Greatest game? No. Most entertaining? Easily.

  21. J BAT says

    As a Kansas City fan that was the most exciting NFL game I've ever witnessed in my entire life. That was your "xmas in July". Your SB in Nov. So happy thxgiving mOfOs!

  22. the rice man ham says

    the nfl is all about the big play now, every week players are always catching passes WIDE OPEN with no one even ten yards from them at times. it always tool rookies a couple years to get a groove but not in this nfl alot easier to throw or catch when you no your no going to get hit

  23. Kwame MB says

    Only people that didn’t seriously play football on a certain level say this was “the greatest game in history”. Nobody played any fuckin D. That ain’t a greatest game in history. That’s a damn shame is what it is & the defense, defensive coaches and coordinators should be ashamed of their tactics, strategies, and coaching in general

  24. BLACK BULL says

    Greatest game ever……. GTFOH…..play some gott-damn defense

  25. The Joker says

    The. Brady’s vs. Manning games are better. The game was good but I didn’t feel as excited as a Brady vs. Manning game.

  26. End-Gamer says

    I like how if the NFL gets 90k people and its news, college gets over 100k every week.

  27. End-Gamer says

    Skip said this game was shit, too many turnovers. Anytime someone looks better than Brady he hates it.

  28. Brandon Potts says

    There are two types of people 1. Greatest game ever 2. Shittiest defense played ever.

  29. Curtis Williams says

    They get over it was just a game

  30. Jimmy Griffin says

    Still can't beat the Saints

  31. Ramsey Kagak says

    Oh, I get it! Max is the mirror opposite of Stephen A! But the kitchen cat clock eyes going back and forth is kind of creepy.

  32. Florencio Almirol says

    Defense was good, Offense was just awesome. Don't forget Max, only 3 teams can score 50+. 2 of those 3 teams played the most entertaining game in history. Chiefs v Broncos didn't have excitement from beginning to end.

  33. M Brower says

    ZERO defense!… not my kind of football. Highest scoring game, yes, but hardly the "greatest" game in NFL history.

  34. Isaiah Prout says

    I completely agree with Max

  35. roger shakey says

    I am gonna show this to al my friends in Holland. In holland soccer is the game of choice. You have so many low scoring games or draws. Its boring.This is what exciting sport is really like. And this snowflake is talking about not the most exciting ? What game is better? The defence was just as important as offense for scoring. This a-hole is just nit-picking. Patriots comeback or steeler comeback are best Superbowl games. But this was best regular game. Idiot. Saints vs Vikings best playoff game.

  36. Marcus Klaton says

    Stephen A.
    You ain’t nothin but the man.

  37. Thomas Wilkinson says

    Greatest Game in Regular Season EVER!!!

  38. Devin Smith says

    they like to yell

  39. jack Barton says

    I was at the game, it was legendary.

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