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‘Pump the brakes’ on Cowboys winning NFC East – Stephen A. | First Take | Wonderdir


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Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman break down the Dallas Cowboys big win over the Washington Redskins and if they can ride this momentum all the way to a playoff berth.

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  1. GachaStudio Gurl says

    "They're going to lose three of the last four"-before the Eagles game, Cowboys win three in a row "I said they're going to lose three of the next four, they have the Saints, Philadelphia, Indianapolis. They're gonna lose three"

  2. Sage Steele says

    What a competitive game yesterday

  3. k-os bboy says

    No matter who wins the division they will play one playoff game that's it

  4. Jermaine Creekmore says

    Stephen a. A.k.a as a bandwagon Dallas fan. He can't stop talking about them. 🙂

  5. asdasd asdafs says

    Rabbi Yosef Mizrachi – the purpose of life

  6. xkid.darkskin says

    who cares, if the cowgirls make the playoffs they’ll choke 😂

  7. ti253799 says

    Stephen .A wants those boys to lose so bad! hahaha

  8. JoJo Lopez says

    This nigga be hating on the cowboys so much 😂

  9. Lew Fez says

    Cooper and Zeke covers up a lot flaws on the Cowboys' offense. They'll win the division, but it'll come down to the last game.

  10. Jadrian Garner says

    Stephen hAte Smith

  11. xResurgence says

    He's definitely scared lmao

  12. Daniel Suchetka says

    Is it a coincidence the Cowboys beat the Redskins on Thanksgiving

  13. Tyler Gibson says

    Stephen A now you’re hatin.. be real Dallas has won3 straight. Alex Smith is done, eagles are bruised up, also having QB issues, and the giants well the giants. So cowboys have the best chance to win REALISTICALLY

  14. catm beretta says

    Can't stand Stephen A-Hole Smith. his opinion has got to the point of childish.

  15. RLW says

    😂😂😂😂😂😂all y'all cowboys fans tight at Stephen A now

  16. Tha Grinch says

    After tha Cowboys win tha NFC East Stephen A Smith will resign from ESPN n get a job in tha UK 🇬🇧 he looks so unhappy after every Cowboys win

  17. elitegamer2016 says

    Stephen hairline coming out of the east

  18. Jiggy Bah says

    Stephen A a hater. I’m a Steelers fan but Cowboys Big 3 nice. Amari is a beast. Roll Tide

  19. Bryant 88 says

    Stephen A was wrong again so he had to change the narrative as usual hold 3 L's Hairline Smith

  20. Ghazi Nesheiwat says

    Too much hate Stephen A.

  21. Alex Alvarado says

    I think we can win 4 out of 5

  22. Luis Ceja says

    Now. Now. If the Cowboys beat the Saints which is difficult but can happen. Now are you scared.

  23. Stephen asshole Smith I wish you swallow your on tongue you now nothing about of what you are saying I wish you would shut up

  24. Alex Alvarado says

    How is it that eagle giants and redskins face each other next week 🤔😞

  25. Freddy Johnson says

    Notice how anytime SAS realizes he's not making any sense he tries to be a comedian too take away his from idiotic take…He's been bashing the redskins all season but couldn't pull himself to pick the cowboys…Now he's saying they'll lose the next 2 out of for, maybe 3, way to go out on a limb there SA huh….

  26. Im looking for the upset next week vs the Saints. The Cowboys have the tools to do it. Wake up people, the typical way to beat fast offenses is to keep the ball away from them. Run Zeke all day, and play good defense, and it could happen….. Remember Pittsburgh in Dak's rookie season. Nobody thought the Cowboys would win that game. Zeke ran a walk off touchdown. Lights out, game over Cowboys win!

  27. No_Stick_Drummer says

    Okay they need to really start disabling the comments, its just bandwagon hate and Steven A is the leader, nobody is going to give the Cowboys credit EVER, I give up.

  28. Carl Tompkins says


  29. Carl Tompkins says


  30. Olympia Lowlife says

    Redskins played pitifully!

  31. Recency Bias Radio says

    After the Giants beat the Eagles…Stephen A gonna have to keep it real and finally BLAME WENTZ.

    I get he's coming off an ACL injury…but isn't it selfish to know you're coming off that injury & to waste your teams season???? You can't tell me Super Bowl MVP Foles wouldn't have a better record.

    Wentz is threatened by Foles so he rushed himself back. Just like RG3 rushed himself back in Washington. But only RG3, the black QB, got criticized for being selfish.

    The double standard continues.

  32. Noah Haley says

    Cowboys got these 3 MAAAAAD TRIGGERED. LOL Stephen a head is so big because it's all COWBOYS ON HIS MIND. FREE REAL ESTATE IN THAT HEAD

  33. Chan🆚🌍 says

    Steven a sounds mad that the cowboys won

  34. Bortami Lotarko says

    If you shut down the run, you shut down the Cowboys. I think Cowboys with their division, I dont think they beat my Saints.

  35. Mark Jacob says

    Sorry, but cowboys need a real Qauterback..that's the problem

  36. Youtuber Radical Rick says

    Talking heads like Stephen don't know shit, all jokes.

  37. Sergio Ramirez says

    When is Steven a gonna just die

  38. ひLeo says

    Nfc East is a fucking joke 🤣🤣🤣

  39. rotatingcats says

    Lol its really true. Sugar high.

  40. Jaycee Dixon says

    Stephen A. You really think Alex Smith would have made a difference you losing it

  41. Sam G says

    We have a below average coach and QB. I use to say linehan also but the receivers r open my below average QB makes below average passes

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