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President Trump’s Thanksgiving Plans, Cruise Ship Powered by Dead Fish – Monologue | Wonderdir


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Seth Meyers’ monologue from Wednesday, November 21.
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President Trump’s Thanksgiving Plans, Cruise Ship Powered by Dead Fish – Monologue- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

  1. finonyaj says

    the socialism/fucking joke made me so happy damn

  2. search/local HTX YouTube says

    That 'sheeps' moment is a master class in not just how to handle a flub and turn it into a genuinely funny moment (a rare, but not uncommon talent), but also, in so doing, give the joke as-written enough space to breathe and be (imo) as funny as it would have been had he nailed it the first try (perhaps a singular talent – I'm not aware of anyone else who does it as well).
    The post-flub performance of the joke – even if the flubbing is endearing and amusing – in other, similar shows is usually kind of a 'womp womp' for the audience, which likely translates to 'f*****************cking f********ck' for the joke's author, especially if she didn't happen to get a bunch of her material in the episode.
    I bet this guy's writers LOVE him for that. Total pro. 😍😂
    #AmericasSweetheart #NotKristenBell #TheOtherOne

  3. Joe Caputi says

    Dude, do you not have another act??? These Trump jokes are getting so stupid.. you turn everything he does into something comical and it isnt working.. cmon man, do you have no other jokes? nothing else to talk about??? For real

  4. Joe Caputi says

    How many times has this washed up comedian said the word "Trump" in the past 2 years??? He has no material?? His jokes are flat out stupid.. I honestly think his writers watch CNN all day and look for jokes to make up… really???

  5. Zidijaan says

    So when Mr.Fallon dies this 30 something is going to lead the tonight show? Naaaaa mo, I'm good.

  6. mary jeremiah says

    Just flipping thru channel and starting watching seth…..he a loser and not even funny…..I sure he's ratings are low….I wish there was a CONSERATIVE late night talk show…the ratings would go thru the roof.🇺🇸🙏🇺🇸🙏🔯🙏TRUMP/ PENCE 2020 GOD BLESS THEM!!

  7. NOYB says

    Look at the Orange's neck. It has a camel toe

  8. Pixie Fairy says

    The book cover is in Bulgarian. lol

  9. CB BC says

    1:04 Translation:
    "100 follies! I would never do such a thing."
    You're welcome.

  10. Lucille Hino says

    I learned from YouAreFree tv that broadcasting is to impart knowledge, inform, and help people find sources and references to research. You can learn that character assassination is coming from a very sinister place in someone's core. Take a look at this declassified document in @t. which has ufo file [UK declassified its X Files years ago]; Hillary file [bin Laden who died Nov 9 2018 was protected while they went after anyone who knew where he was] and THIS from Janet Reno Waco: A REPORT from law enforcement that government was SYSTEMATICALLY destroying religion of every type form belief origin and I REMEMBERED Madeline Murray O"Hare and the GREAT SOCIETY of LBJ after JFK was disposed of AND NOW it make sense that the 60s bombing of the church, synagogues, temples, cathedrals, mosques ALL WERE INTENDED to create the PERFECT way for MEDIA to convince people that "the other guys" did it so that religious wars would be the way to destroy religions, pitting them against each other like dog fights to the end, and they would NEVER KNOW WHY

  11. Markus Morland says

    In norwegian, the word for ship is skip, pronounced Sheep.

  12. Lucille Hino says

    You forgot California judges. I had case on appeal; LA Sup Ct judge refused evidence of $500,000 Russian investors said the Russ "mafia" stole from them AND the case was about an accounting of their business here. On appeal the judge was promoted and the SAME judge was assigned to the 3 judge panel to review the case. He also was part of seminar to Russian visitors as requested by the Russians attorney. Never occurred to me that they might pay speaker fees. DUH our speakers got paid,

  13. Kyle Lechner says

    Was the dead fish powered ship designed by Junji Ito?

  14. Michael Heathman says

    I hope I’m not alone in saying ( if I am, so be it ) I don’t understand the electoral college, gerrymandering, or how voter suppression occurs. I lost my driver’s license so when I applied for a new one I was automatically registered to vote. I received a ballot and a voter pamphlet in the mail. I filled it out and dropped it in a box at the post office. You can even drive up to a special ballot box and drop your ballot in without getting out of the car. I voted for Bernie who was screwed by the Democratic Party and then I voted at the mid terms. First time voter at 59. I promised myself I would never vote until campaign finance reform happened. It never has but man- baby sphincter disgusts me so much I voted. My guy didn’t win but I participated. Maybe he wins next time. Explain the electoral college if you have time and patience. Be well.

  15. LF F says

    the russian says: what foolishness! we never did this

  16. me me says

    America first. Make America Great Again each and every single day. Love President Trump.

  17. G Macka says

    I thought his Secret Service name was the lying, burger stuffed, greasy orange wind bag.
    Nope, that stuff you see dripping from Trumps forehead when he gives a speech or gets angry, it isn't sweat. It's burger grease.

  18. Ken says

    1. Did you collude with Russia?
    Тhis is nonsense!
    I would never do such a thing!

  19. Nik Milkoff says

    That was a Bulgarian book, it's not Russian…

  20. Grjónmann Burns says
  21. Aditya Waghmare says

    1:04 I am Russian and that reads

    "We did collude with Russia with but we won't Tell you that! HaHaHa. You don't have any evidence"

  22. Mike Layton says

    Trump's Thanksgiving message – I am thankful for Donald Trump.

    Coming Christmas 2018 :

    I am glad to see that America is celebrating its Savior – ME. (Donald J. Trump)

  23. Tango Bango says

    For Thanksgiving…Obama worked at a homeless shelter. Trump played golf.

  24. randomperson8571 says

    Personally, I would love to see a navy powered by sheeps… but keep Ted Cruz out of it

  25. Krk Patterson says

    Any joke about sex is easy to do. Just saying.

  26. Daniel Ciunajcis says

    It is some how not funny any more.

  27. primitive BB says


  28. vazak11 says

    Fun stuff XD

  29. Michael Heathman says

    Thanks Ken. Sounds like bullshit

  30. Michael Heathman says

    Thanks for the explanation Ken. Your explanation wasn’t bullshit. The electoral college sounds like bullshit. Someone told me it originally had to do with appeasing slave states. I voted for Bernie and then didn’t vote for Hillary or man- baby orange sphincter. My vote was meaningless.

  31. Brorrito says

    I'm guessing that "hot puffed cheese sticks" aren't a sponsor.

  32. Elbert Derf says

    the exact opposite of what we do around the table at Festivus…Trump's sort of Black Mass.

  33. William H. Baird says

    Trump is such a POS! Ted Cruz dead fish handshake! LOL

  34. oliviablair93 says


  35. David Williams says


  36. Wilson Ball says

    Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, THAT shall he also reap."

  37. Vladimir4757 says

    If y'all don't know Russian the written answers say this :
    "Nonsense! I would never do that!"

  38. Stephen Cook says

    How about Dump spending some time in his office doing some real work.

  39. Reign Libturd Killer says

    Libturds support domestic terrorism and communism. They truly do hate America and white people and use minorities to get votes. They dont give a rats ass about any minority

  40. Bert Dahlman says

    Could have done without that joke about RBG

  41. Michael Mara says

    Are we……wait for it….

    great yet?

  42. Michael Mara says

    Donald Trump, making hot stuffed cheese sticks in a bag great again.

  43. Neponset River says

    I'm so sick of Melania's hair. It's always the same.

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