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Pete Davidson | Hilarious Interview Moments | Wonderdir


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Pete laying it down
Peter Michael Davidson is an American comedian and actor. He is a cast member on Saturday Night Live.
Pete’s Instagram:- www.instagram.com/petedavidson/?hl=en

For any Inquiries regarding clips used in this video:- [email protected]

  1. Daniel Garcia says

    He's a douchebag.

  2. Stevie Wonder says

    Petr Davidson has the facial structure of a monkey

  3. Triforce Keyblade says

    He breaks character in almost every skit like Jimmy Fallon used to. Kind of annoying at times.

  4. WZTwiggs says

    He didn’t wear that shirt in the original broadcast


    Biggest accomplishment was dating Ariana … Hope he got to taste her flavors.

  6. soonerred22 says

    Not funny. How this dude landed on SNL is beyond me. Ann Coulter ripped him apart in the roast segment and his vicious unfunny liberal brain couldn’t let it ride. Took it personal because he doesn’t know humor. Kid is a total moron.

  7. spike says

    Pete should of been in his dads place in the World Trade Center

  8. Vvbb Vvbb says

    He's not even funny…

  9. NPC 158761 says

    Ariana didn't even want him. He followed her sweet scent and She used and dropped him like a fool.

  10. Comedy University says

    Peter Michael Davidson is an American comedian and actor. He is a cast member on Saturday Night Live.
    Pete's Instagram:- http://www.instagram.com/petedavidson/?hl=en

  11. nat bais says

    Dude just ain't funny.

  12. Joseph Armynde says

    If I had a choice between a million dollars and a chance to run Pete over multiple times in an suv till he stops moving, I'd choose the later. I'd tell that slimey rat to his face "fuck your dead daddy pussy" and he wouldn't do shit except maybe in his panties.

  13. michael timmer says

    Who’s that cum slut that mocked Obama? I really want to know

  14. Jeanna Lopez says

    Why is this dude famous again? He’s fucking terrible

  15. Rocky MTN says

    Stole this shit from H3H3

  16. oxywave says

    he aint funny

  17. cokerockstop2 says

    Papa ethan is the vape naysh god

  18. Opal says

    He got his teeth fixed. Nice.

  19. Dragon Breath says

    I only watched this to laugh at the pathetic ball of pity that Pete Davidson is.😂

  20. Mr.Sunshine says

    "By the way, The Rock tastes like creatine."
    I laughed and cried at that.

  21. Travis Metcalfe says

    Lmao I wasn't a fan of this guy until I saw that Fallon clip.

  22. Scott Derrickson says

    Laying what down? He acts like the slow kid in the back of a Vo-tech classroom

  23. Creepman 1007 says

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    The time you are looking for
    Is 9:02

  24. RIP Sharky says

    Ari chose “him” over Mac she been on shrooms

  25. MOST FEARLESS says

    Pete Davidson sucks always has always will… he looks like a crack head albino monkey.

  26. dude looks like if Clint Howard's fetus was aborted but still lived

  27. Aleida Roldan says

    2:09 soo true🤣

  28. Ursie Minor says

    He’s literally so funny to me, I love him so much

  29. dani says

    god the people in the comments are so fucking hateful.

  30. Boofer T. Washington says

    That roast joke was actually really funny. Bc it's the truth. Hence, his retard noise retort. This guy sucks. Par for the SNL course, I suppose.

  31. Matt Garcia says

    The world isn't fair when this guy gets Ariana. I've gave up hope in humanity 😂😂

  32. Inkless Productions says

    I never understood why there's so much hate for Pete. Especially on videos like this, people actually take time out of their day to post hate comments and troll someone they know they don't like. It's not logical. At the end of the day, every view, comment, rating, etc. is counted. It doesn't matter if you like him or not. But you are wasting your time commenting hateful bullshit and you look stupid doing so.

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