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Los Angeles Lakers vs Sacramento Kings Full Game Highlights | 11.10.2018, NBA Season | Wonderdir


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LA Lakers vs Sacramento Kings Full Game Highlights | 11.10.2018

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  1. MLG Highlights says

    Okc Thunder vs Mavericks Full Game Highlights:

  2. heartbreak Cid says

    Yall sleep on my boy rondo fr

  3. art world says


  4. fuckqcc says

    Give the lakers Melo, they got so much ball movement it wont matter. Plus watch lebron use melo the rightway.

  5. Nick Nick says

    Lanzo ball = legend

  6. Raymond Ng says

    Laker nation

  7. Thomas Dean says

    That was a very exciting game. Now we need only one more star I think Carmelo Anthony would be the right fit. Rondo will make sure you get a lot of touches on the ball LeBron would love that he will final have another star player playing beside him. come on home carmelo where you belong Magic he is the only shot we have the rest of the other players are a bunch of player haters they don't like James they are not going to come and help James Carmelo Anthony and James and D Wade are very close friends.

  8. John-boy says

    That no-look half court alley oop pass from Lonzo to LeBron was something else. I love Lonzo's pass first mentality, it's contagious

  9. ASURAN24 says

    I like Josh Hart and Kyle Kuzma. The Lakers is a much improved team this season because of its offensive efficiency. Tyson Chandler and JaVale McGee filled the holes in the middle. They are now a complete team. Hopefully they will make the playoffs.

  10. Robert Davis says

    Long live new lakers dynasty….weezy. Da goat

  11. Robert Davis says

    Lance is nasty

  12. Robert Davis says

    They don't need nobody else

  13. Jose Cruz says


  14. Justice Obeng says

    Bandwagon of Lebron haters are confused. They are silently waiting to through up all their hatred against Lebron.

  15. Venus Felipe says

    Lebron shooting practice become hollywood acting workshop
    But with his 26pts 7reb 4ast only in 2nd half
    Lakers cant' win without him !
    Lakers are nothing without him!
    Cavs 1-11 Lakers 7-6

  16. aaron wells says

    I'm not a big lakers fan but besides the turnovers they are playing real good basketball.

  17. Lorenz says

    c'mon Buddy you cant be too serious like that !?!=!=! gg

  18. Tony Graham says

    Zo with the BBB LAYUP at 4:48

  19. Argue says

    Kings still trash lmao y’all niggas ain’t going to the playoffs

  20. AV says

    The Kings are still a better overall team with better chemistry and better record. This just happened to be their worst performance of the year, playing 3 games in 4 nights on a back to back.

  21. Isaac Ogbodo says

    This McGee is just a cheat 😂😂

  22. Beast Prod. says


  23. Zeny Manuel says


  24. Nojae Montecino says

    Go lebron.💪💪

  25. LEO's ROAD/lifeofacabdriver says

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  26. joesakic91 says

    I hope within these three years, the Warriors, Lakers, Kings and Clippers all make the playoffs.

  27. gamer infinity says

    how many turn overs there was

  28. Ian Burke says

    interesting looking court there

  29. Progamer Lastname says

    Rip Stan Lee

  30. betty morris says

    I miss you James now a la Lakers the next chapionship from your fans with love this my first time watching you play a new team n new season .

  31. Brandon Hensel says

    idk what LeBron told mcgee but that nigga HOOPIN after his umphteenth year in the league

  32. Deuteronomy 6:4 says

    Raleigh Simmons Fred Tex Winters player. Lebron ! Your on a special team. You will be blessed for it. Raleigh.

  33. flappy daily says

    Finals raptors vs lakers mark my word.

  34. Funny Marri says

    He did rando like Kyrie lol 😂9:24

  35. Calicoe 313 says

    If KD joins LBJ they will be unbeatable if they could secure Anthony Davis and not KD they still will be a force.

  36. Heartheamsly Duran says

    nice game bro

  37. Mirza Hatipovic says

    JaValee almost falling after jumpball at 0:12 lol

  38. Verkyl says

    5:38 lebron literally walks 3 steps wih ball in hand lol

  39. GoldGotGame says

    Lol Michael dont even play

  40. Glanced says

    9:23 lmao the way LeBron grab his head like a kid not sure if he liked that 😂😂

  41. Micah Silago says

    I'll be sure to be back when the Lakers beat the Kings in May!

  42. Robert John Galam says


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