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Los Angeles Lakers vs Miami Heat Full Game Highlights | 11.18.2018, NBA Season | Wonderdir


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LA Lakers vs Miami Heat Full Game Highlights | 11.18.2018

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  1. MLG Highlights says

    Warriors vs Spurs Full Game Highlights:

  2. Tor Hella says

    You can’t deny the fact that Miami fans still cheers for lebron.. haha GOAT

  3. Tor Hella says

    I will go home if im that guy wearing a suit but not get the clap.. RIP SUIT GUY 🙂

  4. Notebook. says


  5. Kelvin KMS says

    A team without James = lose

  6. Wally-Muc says

    Tienen que hacer algo con el juego de imgran

  7. tristin jarvis says

    Lakers Defense still ass

  8. Skr Skr says

    8:52 hello darkness my old friend 🙁

  9. Lakers Dynasty says

    You always have great highlights. Good job!

  10. Yoboi Tripy says


  11. take5oneshottapes says


  12. Ronilo Rosero says

    Bad vice

  13. Ronilo Rosero says

    Jersey never get a single win

  14. Ronilo Rosero says

    Since the miami vice started never ever get a win

  15. Luis Morgan says

    Wow more tha 50 point

  16. Luis Morgan says

    LeBron the more tha 50 point wowwwww

  17. Carl Fagerstrom says

    Lebron will do this all against the Warriors and crush the Warriors every game, the Warriors are the big 3 Celtics all over again, Lebron can and will eliminate them.

  18. Carl Fagerstrom says

    The Lakers can win the NBA Championship, all they need is amazing teamwork, then they got it.

  19. Carl Fagerstrom says

    King James will be the regular season MVP and the Finals MVP.

  20. DIEBEETUS ! says

    I think the reason everyone hates lebron is because he is on so many highlight reels everynight because he's so good and just makes people mad who aren't lebron fans

  21. Ginagawa Muu says

    9:33 funny

  22. Cesar Lopez says

    lebron james el mejor

  23. Wendie Hart says


  24. Syfo Fame says

    king james

  25. Bogdan Sigeti says


  26. The El Gin's says

    08:52 ebron james rejecting highlight

  27. Marckendy Pierre says

    James I got many love for you, continue to work hard

  28. JAB TV says

    8 51 Lebron airing the high five

  29. Brandon Bazuniuk says

    is rondo injured ?

  30. Jordy Cole says

    Funny how every cavs fan is a Lakers fan right now

  31. The Sauce says

    LmAo @8:53

  32. horrormena says

    this season is Lakers time!!! remember my words…..

  33. TSG Asset says


  34. Dubwise says

    I don't understand how anyone that knows anything about basketball can say that King James is not the best ever!!!
    On and off the court the man just keeps getting better! Living up to all the expectations placed on him and then surpassing them!!
    All Hail The KING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Sirro Minus says

    I think lonzo needs the ball in his hands a little more often. He has amazing cort vision.

  36. John Paul Tiape says

    Look closely @ 8:53

  37. Kenzuki's Entertainment says

    Lets help each other by subscribing my channel and i will sub you promise. Thanks

  38. Prospect Rider says

    08:53 😂😂😂😂😆😆😆😆😅😅😅😅👿👿👿👿🙈🙈🙈🙈💢💢💢💢

  39. Collins Njumo says

    Lol, how did the sport journalist get that job!!! She is awful to be honest

  40. Michal Gromb says

    Subscribe to pewdiepie

  41. 1Hunna TV says

    LA Lebrons vs Miami Heat

  42. deny elj says

    I like sport

  43. Ahil Shaer says

    8:53 do you see that

  44. Jeff B. Soriano says

    Haha lebchuke 51 points.

  45. Drelyn Walker says

    That's tough at 8:53

  46. Noe Sanchez says

    Way better than rapid highlights

  47. Gamer Penguin says

    Why doesn’t anyone bother to score during the end of the game instead of just dribbling the ball and tossing it up in the air when he could of tried to score for 54 points

  48. 文文 徐 says

    I worship Kobe.

  49. James Francis Costanilla says


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