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Let’s talk about 3rd Party Transformers TFcon 2018 Exclusive Xtransbots G2 Crackup | Wonderdir


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Let’s talk about 3rd Party Transformers TFcon 2018 Exclusive Xtransbots G2 Crackup

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  1. Eddie Sun says

    remember the FT stunticons are way too tall in botmode. — no thanks. XTB is best !!

  2. Clumsy Combo says

    Both figures in their own respective color schemes look amazing!!! I've been meaning to find a third party Stunticon team to add to my collection. Since I'm almost complete on my quest for third party Combiners all I need is a Menasor and Computron!! I will definitely be putting this on my "considerations list". Pretty sweet review and good day to you!!

  3. llessuR kraM noslekcim says

    I'm a sucker for repaints. Can't help it, Hasbro third party it doesn't matter, if its a bot in a new color I want it. It's more expensive then a crack habit, but I get to keep them.

  4. lordnagatron says

    i dont know…maybe i could tell how big he is, if i seen him next to a can of tuna.

  5. David Lenshyn says

    Awesome review & pickup! Mine is in transit / Toy Dojo. Love the color scheme! I hope XTB finishes a G2 Menasor!

  6. David Lenshyn says


  7. FastDrawD says

    I keep hearing crack-rock lol. Reminds me of Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

  8. ALPHAPRIME 88 says

    I like that they are doing these, they are not for me, just not able to afford MP G2 figs as well as G1 MP’s, I am in on the Xtransbots versions, they look awesome, looking forward to their version of Motormaster

  9. Nathan Simmons says

    Glad you got him as well!! It is an Homage to the 1994 BotCon Exclusive, but that G2 Menasor was never completed. Fingers crossed, I hope X-Transbots does the rest of the G2 Set.

  10. OptimusDanger says

    Lol banana 🍌

  11. mark4 flair says

    XTB for bot mode and FT for Menasor…..

    Not a G2 collector but he still looks cool, thanks for the review sir…..

  12. Charles McKey says

    Right now the only G2 figure that i have is G2 sideswipe original and MP version. I'm seriously thinking about picking up the FansToys G2 Slag for Christmas since the figure is Christmas colored.

  13. Scott Orr says

    Got mine in the mail yesterday. Haven't had a chance to open him up yet. I love the colors on him. That purple! mmmm hmmmm.
    I'm in for the whole set if X-transbots decides to release them all. It'll be the second G2 combiner I own. The first being an original yellow Devastator.
    Thanks for the great review Deluxe. Amazing as always!! Have a simply marvelous day my friend!

  14. eyescovered says

    good LAWD those colors. never was a fan of g2.

  15. Sunset Rider says

    Ugh. G2 colors.

  16. lovesbunnys says

    can you do a comparison to G2 toy or G2 combiner?


    Man,that looks sweet!!! Was never really big on the Stunticons or G2 altogether back in the day. But,stuff like that is definitely a temptation. Lol!!!

  18. TrypticOwen says

    I love G2. Was never bothered about the combiner repaints, though. I haven't bought any of the stunticon MPs, so far, but it looks like you made a good choice going XTB.

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