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Grace VanderWaal Breaks Down Her Favorite Instagram Accounts | Teen Vogue | Wonderdir


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Grace VanderWaal takes to Instagram and lets us know which accounts we should all be following. Do you love cute puppies? Maybe you should follow Doug the Pug! Looking for a unique vintage aesthetic? Check out Mei (infrontofapple)! What other profiles does Grace love to browse? Watch to find out!

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Grace VanderWaal Breaks Down Her Favorite Instagram Follows | Teen Vogue

  1. Slow.Down.Jellybean says

    I have the biggest girl crush on Grace

  2. Chuck D says

    Tina!!!!!! Tina sings!!!! Tina please sing Leslie Hall, "Shazam, I'm Glamorous". I've already seen Grace sing it. Ok do a duet.

  3. Taylor The Amazon Princess says

    That was amazing! 😀


  4. James Smithe says

    A dog gets 4 million views? Oh Brave New World. But Grace likes it so I do too. Grace can do no wrong.

  5. No One says

    She seems unhappy, kinda depressed even..

  6. MariSafari 18 says

    I love her af so much

  7. Amber Baptista says

    GRACE! I literally just found out about Doug the Pug when I bought him as a stuffed animal in a UNICORN ROBE, but I didn’t know until now that he was a real pug somewhere being a model. I 100% agree with that pick

  8. kpop stole my soul says

    Is it just me or does grace look depressed in this? She seems so sad…

  9. Saleh Safo says

    OMG! I love you Grace alot 😘. Is it me or she looks a bit tired or stressed

  10. Nora Lavender says

    I love her style

  11. Melvin Thompson says

    Grace Rocks!!!💜💜💜

  12. G S says

    Kids are such parrots, one says "she looks tired" then the next comments are "she looks depressed" ect….When she actually looks fine and no one even thought that in any of the earlier comments. Can't you people think for yourselves?

  13. carpe diem says

    Shes really a huge fan of ariana grande 😨

  14. Livi The Lemon says

    2:11 I see shawn

  15. Desirie Jones says

    I love Grace

  16. Rylie Leon says

    Grace is so pretty

  17. Gabriella Lazarus says

    Did you see Jeff Pom

  18. RILEY LEWIS says

    grace:i wanna be her
    me : i wanna be you!!

  19. Vannessa says

    She's so pretty

  20. Daviana D says

    Don't wish you want to be someone else Grace because you be you and you play the ukulele is good just be you and don't wish you could be anybody else because you're you and people love you

  21. Kat says

    Grace sounds like me but I literally just follow bands and band members.

  22. saya Vlogs and more says


  23. Stranger Things says

    Awwww she’s such a cutie pie💗💗💗💗💗😭😭

  24. Teah Hagen says

    try lily nia hagens instagram acount

  25. I love her so much Grace is amazing 😍💗💗💕

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