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Golden State Warriors vs Dallas Mavericks Full Game Highlights | 11.17.2018, NBA Season | Wonderdir


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GS Warriors vs Dallas Mavericks Full Game Highlights | 11.17.2018

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  1. Muhammad Faishal says


  2. legthrough says


  3. aaron chung says

    Why LOONEY can be the start up lol

  4. La Resos says

    Di talaga kaya ni durant bitbitin yung team, kaya hirap siya ipachampion dati yung okc. Kahit saan ka mapunta na team di mo tlaga kaya makachampion, swerte ka lang napunta ka sa gsw dahil may curry at malupit sila sa 3 points.

  5. Lou Loop says

    Jonas Jerebko should have passed the ball to a 3 pointer in the last seconds if they are down by three instead of shooting a 2 pointer. So it negated his Utah buzzer beater LOL

  6. mik jagger says

    i miss the splash brothers.

  7. Madz Benito says

    Luka is so gooooood!

  8. Masato says

    Damn! Can't find Luka's mom!

  9. AppleMint says

    01:47 lol

  10. Felix Fuentes says

    Livin La Bida Luka!

  11. Z Man says

    Luca is so young man. I wish him and his career nothing but success.

  12. Marek Bracok says

    Go Luka

  13. Grandmas Boy says

    Golden State is Trash! Y'all lost to the Mavs!😂😂😂

  14. lazaro capaccioni says

    Bright bright future for Luca, im happy for him!

  15. sylvarius semirnyuy says

    Best game so far

  16. jayjaylen75 says

    Cuban and the crew got a good eye for the European players. This dude is Dirk all over again…with Dirk playing Yoda this time LOL

  17. chosen one says

    minus curry

  18. jt thomas says

    these eastern euro whites have that black guy grit, this is why american white boys are becoming extinct in the nba.

  19. Keith Witcher says

    I'm surprised the Warriors lost to Dallas because Dallas sucks LOL. Warriors are gonna win the championship anyway LOL. It'll be interesting to see if Kevin Durant stays with the Warriors next season. I don't think he likes Draymond Green LOL. If the Warriors win the championship. I believe Kevin will stay.

  20. Cheenou Xiong says

    Steph…is the Warrior.

  21. Russel westbrook says

    Dsj open dunk im dead 💀

  22. Leo Baes says

    warriors fans fake/trush

  23. Leo Baes says

    warriors fans fake/trush

  24. Vanessa Torres says

    Yo mavs congrats on the big win!!!!!👍👌🐴….lets try to get klay Thompson or the greekfreak

  25. Monica M says

    Gsw ain't shit W/O Curry ! 😂… All that Talent and still on an 4 game L Streak.!?!

  26. Brian Smith says

    Like seeing the up and comers on the Warriors- big fan of Jerebko, Cook has stepped in for Curry well (not THAT well, but c'mon it's Curry!) — good win for the Mavs– they're better that people thought they would be – Luka Clutch for the win at the end

  27. Angelico Mariano says

    And many claims (even the baldy said) that KD > LBJ hahahahahahaha

  28. Adeeb Momen says

    LET'S GO MAVS!!! Luka 🔥

  29. Logan Hernandez says

    Man why the hell do you take so long to do Mavs games? I hate having to wake up the next day to see them while everybody else gets quick highlights. I'm trying to be loyal, man.

  30. World gamer325 XD says

    durant cant lead the gs team he no pass when the players are open durant think i aint watching the game right
    so yea curry is better leader better passer better scorer
    and idc if durant leaves durant sucks


    Not even a Mavs fan but I'm glad to see the warriors lose 😂😂😭

  32. Shaun Webb says


    Thank you based Mavs for FINALLY getting a win over the Warriors!

  33. Ericson Javier says

    Durant chokes more often than lebron…going 1 of 7 in the last 12 minutes…BIG TIME CHOKER!!!

  34. Zhoedreamzdesignz says

    Wth wouldnt he dish the ball out at the end so they can grt a 3 pointer?? And wondwr why they dont get playing time becauze they do stupit as stuff like that.

  35. GamingFireXT JF says

    Welcome to Texas
    Where Warriors lost to Houston, Dallas, San Antonio

  36. Ludwika says

    01:45 Shaqtin' a fool nominee

  37. The Truth says

    Trade Draymond so they freakin lose some more. and I don't see anyone talking about Durant's freethrows out here? Oh, it's cause he's not Lebron.

  38. Ling Qi says

    Klay & Green are all stars because of Curry.

  39. Kevin Zaldana says

    Wheres curry

  40. Ronald Ronald says

    Draymond Green's life had been so hardly affected by Lebron. First they begged KD to join them after they lost to cavs. And now he is so stressed and afraid that KD may leave them and Lebron can dismantle them. KD should sue him for domestic emotional abuse. Green is acting like a husband getting unwanted divorce! Lol

  41. Seahawks Fan9000 says

    Is Stephen Curry out?

  42. James Louie BAcoy says

    No curry Lose😂😂😂

  43. SiNicoleIdolSiSARAH says

    My name is Luka
    I live on the second floor
    I live upstairs from you
    Yes I think you've seen me before

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