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Fetty Wap’s Babies’ Mothers | Wonderdir


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“Love & Hip Hop: New York” is back, and there are some changes to the show!

Then, Fetty Wap shows up on LHHNY because one of his babies’ mothers is Alexis Sky. Wendy breaks down Fetty Wap and all the women he has children with.

Plus, a woman named Judy is suing Bill Cosby, claiming he sexually assaulted her at the Playboy Mansion back in 1974 when she was 15.

And, Meghan Markle’s mother is joining the royal family for Christmas and will take part in a bizarre tradition. Wendy has the details in Hot Topics.
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  1. 1ne's 7L7 says

    Royals don't weight themselves or wear paper hats lol : I think u mean they go clay pigeon shooting

  2. Brittany Bish says

    Yass Wendy! Love your dress!👗💛

  3. Marquela Bruce says

    What they see in fetty with his one eye

  4. Yielando Yayo Yielonce says

    Love this look on Wendy

  5. Mary l. Moore says

    I think she's on drugs
    What are u crying for?

  6. Danielle A says

    How you doin cohosts? Anyone else notice that at the beginning of the show when the audience answers back “how you doin?” she always says something like “I’m okay today/okay/I don’t know/better/alright.” It’s never “good/great/fantastic” or anything like that. I feel like it’s because she’s sad deep down inside about her personal life and she doesn’t want to lie to herself

  7. Karla Herrera says

    What’s wrong with her ?! ☹️ her eyes say it all

  8. The Podium says

    lawdd not the Fetty waps

  9. HARLEMS MAMI says

    By popular demand!!! 😂 love you Wendy!

  10. Mandy M says

    Bless Wendy crying no shade because I love you Wendy must be that time of the month we all go through it..

  11. Erika Altamirano says

    she cries for everything is the menopause for sure or personal problems.Life is hard you'll.🙏

  12. MySisterIsAFoodie says

    Wendy ain’t no 155.

  13. F W says

    i think these women need to take some accountability for going to a grown man's house, hotel room, club, mansion, drinking and doing whatever else. If you go into the lion's den and expect the lion to paw you then something is a little loose somewhere. Grown men need to restrain themselves and be respectful of women. However if you give your hand to a crocodile it will bite it off. But guess what, then the crocodile has to be put down for doing what comes naturally to it. I am a woman and was taught how to behave around men as a young girl. If you are in your own house and doing what you should normally be doing; going to school, work, shopping, and you get attacked, that a different story. its hard to reconcile why so many women now with misgivings on consequences that happened are crying foul. who else is coming out the woodwork? All the stories i hear are how these young women went to were he and other men were. There are unfortunately consequences to actions and probably therapy is what is required now if one is still suffering from it.

  14. Aderinsola Adesida says

    Haha imagine how dinner would go if you all could get guns right after 💀

  15. elina a says


  16. Prince Benjamin says

    I'm honestly not playing this Bill Crosby gate. Only trying to continue destroy this man name.

  17. Anita Baker says

    8 hours to get home i would be traumatized also… Glad i work from home

  18. hakima saghir says

    is she high

  19. Melissa Haletky says

    Ok. Wendy. Your sexy teacher game was oooon today. God bless ya.

  20. Qasim Khaq says

    All wrong all wrong she disrespecting wap

  21. Jessica Anbara says

    yall nothing is wrong with her, it's her age… she's probably going through menopause… but if not, there's nothing wrong with being emotional, she felt blessed in the moment vs how much others are struggling.

  22. teonney thompson says

    Wendy is a pretender sad and one moment, and switch in another.

  23. Amanda begg says

    The Royal Family weighing tradition goes back to Edward II who was concerned guest weren’t getting enough to eat. Should imagine it’s more of a joke now if done at all.

  24. ki wi says

    ella es el MEME jajajajjaj

  25. Tyler Speer says

    There’s nothing like eating hangover Mac and cheese and watching Wendy at 7am

  26. Marco Martinez says

    These usa hoes lovemoney😂😂😂

  27. Marco Martinez says

    When he gets shot and killed no money will come in

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