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FAKE Black Friday Employee **ATTACKED** | Wonderdir


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FAKE Black Friday Employee **ATTACKED**
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The Ireland Boys did a Fake Black Friday Employee Prank and got attacked ! We dressed up as fake employees and went to stores and pretended to work there and prank the customers who were shopping on black Friday! #BlackFriday shoppers are known for being crazy so we wanted to make some people laugh… however one of the people shopping in the stores when we pretended to work there got so mad that they attacked us while we were filming. This was one of the craziest things to happen in a store on #BlackFriday and we can’t believe someone #Shopping did this while were were dressed up pretending to be a #FakeEmployee . This guy was a crazy black friday shopper and we hope he’s calmed down and is okay now.

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  1. gaming blingwolf says

    Do u wach every of their wings with hot wings

  2. Dragon Rage707 says

    That guy in the blue shirt need to chill

  3. Mario Hinojosa says

    The guy that got mad is autistic🤔🥴

  4. audrianna caba says

    If that was me I could’ve slapped him

  5. Spunky Is A Cat says

    So you guys normally have an emoticon over someone’s face if they get mad…why didn’t you this time? Sorry but if that’s a dumb question lol…thank you!

  6. Peter Griffin says

    If he doesn’t want to be filmed THEN DONT FUCKING FILM you guys are so disrespectful

  7. Pokemaster 123 says

    It’s not even funny bro the first clip that women was so confused and sad and I feel bad for the first women

  8. Y_Gallion 909 says

    The guy has anger issues on a whole different level of an average person!

  9. Jamie Animations says

    I think he didnt go for nick cuz idk for sure but i think he didnt because nick was younger than them

  10. jmosuna1 says

    I feel so bad for the elderly woman in the beginning.

  11. Manu Leuma says

    Yo , if thts my dad I'll go all on beast mode to try and stop him from killing my favorite Youtubers.

    Anyway nice vid yeye boy's

  12. dev deque says

    You all are a bunch a pussies! You see a guy shove your friend and you do nothing… That is pathetic.

  13. Zero2300 0verpowered says

    This is crazy

  14. fortnite chamP21 says

    You guys should bring dorian back to the channel

  15. Vistaz says

    Damn yall pussies

  16. Cristina Playz says


  17. Stephanie Fox says

    10:09 to 10:11, Rohan looks like he’s hurt, is he going to be okay?
    Someone give credit to the police officer. Please?! He just saved all three of them from getting killed.
    Why didn’t you guys tell the police officer what the man did? He would’ve gotten arrested!!
    Btw, I’ve been watching your vids since the very beginning, keep making more fort vids, please!!!!!!!!!
    Like if you agree with all of this!!!!!

  18. fernando Lopez says

    You should have listen to that girl

  19. Lev_zee M says

    Well when you do dumb shit….expect dumb shit to happen to you fellas 😂😂😂I'm sure you guys know that. Be safe fellas!

  20. Awesøme Sauce99 says

    That chick in the red was really cool lol

  21. Blaze XL says

    The Guy Looks Sounds Like He Is In The Mafia

  22. Halliesepticeye says

    Throw the tp at them

  23. Aiza J says

    If i see that blue shirt guy and i prank him and he ges pissed i would just kick him and sprint to another store XD

  24. Evelyn Gonzalez says

    I swear ima like this comment

    You said SWEAR, smash the like bottom!

  25. Andrew Rola says

    I love you guys! I’ve been with you guys since last year😀👍 The content has only been going up! YEYE!!

  26. MainMewtwo says

    This is probably fake BUT DAMN IS IT ENTERTAINING!

  27. Cool_guy_thebest says

    Nigga if that foo did that shit I hope someone grab me back before I kill him

  28. Braden White says

    I would have done take the L on that guy

  29. Rakei Washer says

    Your so mean to those people

  30. Alice Games says


  31. obey P19 says

    Yee yee boys

  32. obey P19 says

    Love yall

  33. Hilda Rodriguez says

    I have a youtube Chanel,yeet for me

  34. Terrence Campbell says

    Y’all act scared to fight back

  35. Samuel Estrada says

    Lmao how do y’all stay calm 😭 I would’ve beat his ass

  36. Leo Parker says

    Why a old lady WHY

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