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Facebook is Down, and This is How I Cope | Wonderdir


Wonderdir | #Facebookdown | Facebook, Inc. is an American online social media and social networking service company based in Menlo Park, California. Its website was launched on February 4, 2004, by Mark Zuckerberg, along with fellow Harvard College students and roommates Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes. Wikipedia
Stock price: FB (NASDAQ) $132.59 +1.04 (+0.79%)
Nov 20, 10:36 AM EST – Disclaimer
Founded: February 2004, Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States
Headquarters: Menlo Park, California, United States
Subsidiaries: WhatsApp Inc., Onavo, LiveRail, Sharegrove Inc., MORE
Founders: Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz, Andrew McCollum, Chris Hughes

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Undertakerfreak1127
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Luckily, Beavis is here to help.

  1. Ayy Lien says

    No longer down

  2. Cole Ehlert says

    I'm not making fun of you, utf. But who fights on Facebook? You people need lives.

  3. AndreTelevise says


  4. Guy Dis says

    Can you do a video about GTA 5 hipster update??. I hope you hate the new clothing a much as i do

  5. Mark Linstom says

    When facebook is down, I go into stasis until it's back up.

  6. Ahiru Noumi says


  7. Solidus-Skully says

    Considering some of the heavy shit you've been going through recently John it's nice to see a bit of comedy thrown in here nice work dude.

  8. vegetajr17 says

    Please someone reply so I know I'm not seeing things, was that an xvideos link in the search box???

  9. Allie-RX says

    Facebook downtime is easy to handle.

    Now Steam downtime, on the other hand…… Oh…..that's torture.

  10. MadaraIzuna1 says

    pause at 0:02 for the porn link guys. xvideos… Im dissapointed in you UTF.. Go on youporn next time :p

  11. Madgegames says

    Last August I kept having loads of power cuts and my ISP's equipment couldn't take it and stopped working leaving me with no internet for four weeks.

  12. MakeTheChanges says

    First world problems! 
    haha Good video.

  13. StarWarrior008 says

    damn facebook junkies,fuck them

  14. Sean Murphy says

    What is the music called?

  15. Jon Doe says

    Tool shirt, nice. 

  16. GTFOZTD says

    Soooo am I the only one here who has a facebook yet doesn't use it? This whole situation means nothing (to me at least) because facebook is fucking stupid. But hey, if you want to baby rage over something so small and insignificant then go ahead. I can't control the awful way you live your life.

  17. Terra Tremuit says


  18. a5e26 says

    lol i am so glad i was asleep when it was down 

  19. Rot says

    I can't imagine the expression on a person's face if they walked in while you were talking to Beavis.

  20. NecroBourgeois says

    Haha. My Facebook was down for over 48 hours. I never really use it so that didn't bother me much on a personal level. But one thing that DOES bother me is incompetence and they fact that they hadn't got my server up for over 48 hours made me obsessed with checking it in a kind of hateful contempt.

  21. ReallyRick says

    I am confused. What could you POSSIBLY have to jerk off to found on Facebook?

  22. LaCry Mosa says

    Oh no, if the computers go down then we may have to go out and interact with people in person! :-O rape and slander sir, rape and slander I say

  23. Chloe Gordon says

    Professional Privilege Checkers Inc. Love 'em!

  24. Tino says

    Xvideos is for losers. Try Youjizz.

  25. Amon Ra says

    Oh shit, you play drums eh.. 

  26. Mohammed Khan says

    XVideos is probably the best free porn site in the world. They constantly update their library. Pornhub on the other is pure shit.

  27. What Cat? says

    blame steam summer sale lag. it's wrath bugs with all who connect with the internet… 

  28. Charm Lu says


  29. crazyhorse1369 says

    Too bad it didn't stay down.

  30. We Remotely Low says

    I've been wondering, what is that "Fuckin' Bulllshiiiiiit!" clip from?

  31. Albert The Gator says

    Facebook? what's that?… Is it a porn site?

  32. The Joker says

    You could have at least done an impression of Beavis and overdubbed it during this video's editing.

  33. FPS America says

    Hopefully Facebook never comes back. 

  34. FPS America says

    Only dumb asses and  losers are on Facebook.

  35. Kay M says

    I deleted facebook a few months ago, best decision ever.
    The most social media type thing I use are Youtube and my email account and that's it.

  36. Diovania says

    Didn't even know facebook was down, I use it maybe 2 times a week.

  37. I C says

    Beavis is my hero.

  38. Diana Lara says

    Glad I'm not the only one who get's on facebook a lot to talk about stuff….or just spam the stickers…. 

  39. C.J. O'Dell says

    Obligatory occasional humor video.

  40. Count KEKula says

    I have facebook, but I probably only visit it 6 or 7 times a month tops, and even when I do visit it, I generally spend 15 minutes or under per visit, same could be said for Twitter.

  41. Count KEKula says

    Fuck Mark Fuckerberg

  42. StoneCold316 says

    He's trolling lol

  43. KupKate215 says

    This video is so freakin great. I love it so much. It's true too.

  44. Oswards306 Oswards306 says

    DUED!!! Quit being weird here while you're recording your video, and that Beavis is just a card bord picture of him from the TV show not a real person!'~'

  45. Lin Yao says

    it's down again. :/

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