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Tonight, we’re joined by Jimmy Dore and Vadim Newquist, we see the controversy of America First, watch romaine lettuce go to the dark side, talk about the Facebook outage, and much more!

Short Film by Twilight City Studios: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i7yM29BMZ9I&t=

From the strangest corners of the internet, here to bring you opinions of the world from an altered perspective, The Drunken Peasants!

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  1. Rhasputin says

    Ojeda 2020

  2. Bobby2Hands says

    wow, a DP comments section that isn't overwhelmingly negative and toxic. Truly a rare occasion.

  3. mrzazzaable says


  4. OlioH _ says

    Statehood to Puerto Rico? Nah, give them independence. They've been under the coloniast heel of the United States of Fascist America for far too long. FREEDOM!

  5. satanical redirection says

    Every time vadim comes on he says some really dumb shit. Embarrassing

  6. Mutex50 says

    OK, Jimmy, how is voting third party working out? How many Green party members got elected?

  7. grumpy says

    Fuck me that was a shitfest so boring guys .

  8. RJJacob101 says

    Jimmy!!!!! Love the passion as always! Great show tonight guys!

    *LMAO Ben, Bangkok pervert capital? What are you basing that on?

  9. VeXeDZERO says

    Vadim is worse that Brett Keane. I dont know how you stand him.

  10. jesse o'carroll says

    Vadim is so unself aware is funny also he loves to talk about himself. Bring daddy roo AIU and him on together.

  11. GrafxGramp says

    wow Vadim really has no grasp on politics.

  12. BraveState says

    Anyone who uses the term "firebrand" has no idea what they are talking about.

  13. No Face Killah says

    Holy Shit Vaderm. No one gives a shit about your twitter drama. Especially since you get bogged down in it all the time.

  14. INF Flux says

    Damn, that was a beat down. Better study up on reality if you want to debate Dore

  15. Adam Dye says

    I couldn't listen to Jimmy and his overly excited bullshit. So I had to skip half the show. I probably won't even watch the show if he's on again.

  16. Plutonia says

    I love how Vadim's gears are turning as he's trying to figure out how horrifically not-extreme-left someone is, and whether or not that person should ever be able to be hired by anyone because of their opinions. He's living proof of the Horseshoe Theory. He disagrees with fascism so much that he wants people to lose their livelihoods due to not having the polar opposite of that opinion.

  17. ThatGingerKid says

    I automatically always skip to like 10 minutes in because you guys sell yourselves for ever.

  18. CanadianGuy eH says

    I came here for Jimmy Dore, stayed for the total smackdown roasting of Vadim.
    Great show, probably the best in awhile.

  19. MCPunk55 says

    Every politician and diplomat around the globe is corrupt, not just the Democrats in the States. Then you have morons saying "The Human Rights are a lie" forgetting that declaration is the reason why they're allowed a fucking opinion. Those people usually have their heads crammed up 1900b.C. We call them "Conservatives". Or American Republicans. Same shit, different name.

  20. Brianna Camp says

    Can we please never have vadim on the show hes course rough and irritating, and his bullshit gets everywhere

  21. Lucy Negus says

    How does Vadim have a podcast? His voice is so slow and dragged out I couldn't even watch the whole show..

  22. Madera Paulice Dornpartment says

    Jimmy dorn

  23. MCPunk55 says

    "I only support gay marriage if both the chicks are hot". Well, in my country, a comedian did a sketch saying something similar. Like "Love between two women is beautiful, between two men is disgusting".

  24. Creslin321 says

    I agree with Jimmy’s sentiment that we are kind of fucked by the two party system. But at the same time, starting a third party as the system is now just isn’t the solution. Under our current system, a strong leftist third party option would just hand republicans the country.

    Because if the new third party gets 32% of the vote, the democrats get 32% of the vote, and the republicans get 36%, guess what, republicans win. Even though the country clearly wanted a left wing president, the republicans would win.

    What we REALLY need is ranked choice voting nation wide. Before we have that, working for a third party is just being a useful idiot for the right.

  25. MCPunk55 says

    Some some people like Gazi, aka Black Hitler, do what Caucasian genocide. For the record, I'm not white. I'm beige. Unless you're albino, you're not white, you're beige. Black people aren't black either, just shades of brown. I mean, the race is technically called Negro – and yes, try writing without capital "N" and the dictionary will correct it to capital N, just like it does to Caucasian and Nippon, which is the race of Chinese, Japanese, Korean and I think Vietnamese – but they aren't black. Oh well… language's a bitch and a half. Regardless, those "white genocide" idiots are just right wing SJWs and they should be made fun of. Not assaulted. They aren't worth the effort. Just ridiculed.

  26. MCPunk55 says

    There are no moderate Muslims. There are Muslims and not Muslims. Muslims practicing Taqqiya and Muslims practicing other forms of Jihad.

  27. Nick Zuver says

    Jimmy Dore spanked Vadim. Fuck the status quo, we need real change.

  28. WTF does she mean you can't recyle straws? Yes you can they're PLASTIC

  29. Kagji says

    There is literally nothing on the consumer level that can be done to reduce any sort of pollution. All civilian populations combined only produce 7% of global carbon and 12% of global plastic waste. Almost all pollution is caused by large corporations, to say that there is anything the average person can do to reduce pollution is to be delusional. Your entire life of reducing, reusing, and recycling is outdone by a single hour of irresponsible industry.

  30. Racoon8 says

    Jimmy: fucking stomps Vadim into the ground fuck the Democratic party, they're doing nothing for us
    Vadim: B-b-but muh abortion

  31. MCPunk55 says

    What the hell happened to that phone?! That screen's practically useless!

  32. Bongsley Nuggets says

    Great discussion! I don't get the hate for Verdeem, he and Jimmy agreed on 90% of the issues.

  33. Steve Strangelove says

    Wow, from Mythcon to this? Vadim really likes to get pounded.

  34. Francisco Raposo says

    vadim just outright lied right after jimmy dore left by saying that chomsky would vote for hillary because she had progressive policies. that's a fucking lie! hillary had no progressive policies in her platform and the only reason chomsky would vote for her is, as he stresses out frequently, because the Republicans are the most "dangerous organization" in America. SHAME VADIM. if you really listened to Jimmy you would change your mind but you resort to LYING just in order to justify your position after you got OWNED in terms of the content being discussed

  35. MCPunk55 says

    Hey, nothing wrong with girl-on-girl action. I think Mild Bill is just sore because he ain't getting nothing.

  36. spacedoohicky says

    Yes. Vadim has an oral asphyxiation. It's a congenital condition.

  37. Sully Sullivan says

    Vadim should suck off Destiny

  38. CountessRoadkill says

    Episode starts at 1:28:49

  39. hempracer says

    How we vote matters, that is what causes the biggest issues. Jimmy Dore is a Republican.

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