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Donald Trump Goes To Battle With Another War Hero | Wonderdir


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A week after skipping out on multiple ceremonies honoring veterans, Donald Trump is now lashing out at the war hero who led the charge to take out Osama bin Laden.

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  1. Roman Darius says

    It's so nice the way liberals care about blacks—-"Black Lives Matter"—-so my question is if the democrats open the borders and flood America with people around the world, what will happen to black unemployment? Black unemployment is record low, so will those undocumented workers undercut the wages of Black Americans? But I guess that they are more voters for the democrats is the most important thing.

  2. Dana Kaboom says

    Just how tiny is this loooozer's weener? LOL

  3. robert9ish says

    "Wooden balls! The carpet matched the teeth"! LMAO!

  4. Feardrinker says

    And all his minions defending his comments. Shows how paper-thin their "patriotism" really is.

  5. The Mastema says

    Trump pointed who out? Well then…why didn't he pay from his OWN pocket for the capture of Bin Laden? Americans…you broke it…you bought it, have fun with Trump til 2020…or maybe 2024…

  6. larry thayer says

    Digging the hole ever deeper ……..

  7. Richard Conner says


  8. Pauline MORTON says

    We are being led by a narcissistic sociopath, who has only one thing on his tiny mind. MONEY. The Saudis and Russia are his meal ticket after he leaves office. The safety of our country doesn't even register on his radar. Certainly he has absolutely no respect for the very folks we owe so much to by keeping America safe. (Macain, Mc Raven etc ) The dismembering of a jounalist doesn't cause a blip.

  9. Mike Birmingham says

    The elephant in the room isn't all the crap that comes out of trumps mouth. It's what will happen if he is faced with a real problem. Personally that scares me. I don't think he has the ability to make a good decision in a crisis. Let's just hope it doesn't happen although it probably will at some point.

  10. introspective says

    Did Hilary turn him down at Studio54 in the 70’s….as the fat moron in chief….has a very large chip on his shoulders…. one he cant eat….but I wish he would..and also choke on it…. what a loser.

  11. Alex Kong says

    If trump cloned himself and replaced every human being in the world, he ACTUALLY thinks he can do a better job at humanity at this point

  12. Daphene White says

    Does "T"rump NOT realize WHO/WHOM he is "TRASH Talking"?!! Navy Seals that have such unique and DEADLY skills that I would NEVER/EVER DARE to speak ILL of ANY member of this elite unit. "T"rump must think he will ALWAYS be President??!!

  13. S J says

    Speaking of Navy Seal who killed Obama, was this video length / duration a coincidence??

  14. Richard Dukard says

    Orange man bad!

  15. Nick Holden says

    Someone could cure cancer and he'd say they were terrible if they voted for Hillary. "Clinton supporter, I could cure cancer, should have been invented years ago. Bigly."

  16. Alan Smithee says

    The sad part, to me, is that if Trump was face to face with the Seal Team 6 dude, Trump'd get his ass kicked. In no small part because he also threw the secret service under the bus, so it's not like they'd protect him. 😉

  17. Abubakr Mohammed Jamal says

    Not a Trump supporter, but a soldier of the occupation who still loves Bush is no sweetie either

  18. John Galactus says

    America elected him? Wow. As a kid I grew up thinking America was the greatest… Oh boy how wrong I was.

  19. David Handley says

    I feel for the American people. How embarrassing to have an idiot like Trumpet as your president. You have guns over there don’t you? Well you know what to do.



  21. Rat Bastard says

    "seal team dissed" – i don't care what any of my anarcho-lefty friends say, you sir DESERVE whatever they're paying you over there, and i thank you for your service

  22. Piriathy says

    "He's a Hillary backer" Holy shit.
    "He's exercising his freedoms as a citizen of a democratic republic."
    "Um…How is that an argument against him, Mr. President?" And then it turned out to not even be true, b/c of course it wasn't. Fuckin lunatic.

  23. Kent Cameron says

    The general probably confused Trump by using the word "Dignity" in his response. Trump has absolutely no idea what the word means.

  24. Philolaus Sith66 says

    Introducing a Freemason's and Templar's Thanksgiving Joke Party, CSL…Thales for Thoth and the Joke Ladders, Mr. Fausty, Nails in the Wall, Knight's TOR, Lord Butler, 3×5 Wonders, Letters to the Moon, Stand and Deliver the Earth, The Da Vinci Font Posers, MK-PAM, Distillery Religion, Celtic Household Wanderers, Bill Murray the Vampire Didn't Study, Cobber, the Corncob and the Cobblestone, The Stratego Conquistador, Jack Lost the Americas, The Miter Touch, Guillotine the X, Drawplate a Society, The FBI is After Me, Nephilim Fires in B-Flat, Wolf in a Mitosis Deli, The Whitney Gravers, The Dark Lord Etched in Sand, Read Between the Millimeter, God's Own Borax, Solomon's Psychic Vampires, Embalm the Scratching Post. JK, man, JK. Hilarious. "The word 'strategy' comes from the ancient Greek word 'strategos' meaning literally 'the leader of the army.' Strategy in this sense was the art of generalship, of commanding the entire war effort, deciding what formations to employ, what terrain to fight on, what maneuvers to gain an edge…Solid principles on how to deal with the inevitable accidents of war, how to craft the ultimate plan, how to best organize the army-all this can be found in war manuals from ancient China to modern Europe."-The 33 Strategies of War, Robert Greene. pa-dum pshh.

  25. f says

    Like Steven Colbert had any love for mcRaven. Hypocrite

  26. James Mocharski says

    At 2.21:
    Should have said
    "Aww snap! You just got Seal Team deep sixed."

  27. SportTalkForDummies says

    Draft dodger talks tough!!

  28. GuelphRacing says

    Hey random person scrolling down the comments..

    You're a beautiful person <3 Have a wonderful day 🙂

  29. Guillermo St says

    Omg… please the last thing I need is imagining Trump bathing his privates in the toilet.. :/

  30. DR Ir M says

    I'm the best bat-man catcher. I can get Ben laden even before 911… I'm the greatest bat-man catcher better than bat-man….

  31. Dave DaRigg says

    trump is a moron and lies. you lie as well. makes you no better. stay with the facts, there are enough of those to keep making fun of.

  32. Tiyath says

    If you struggled understanding the pig latin: "Ixnay on the esidentprey for ifelay" translates to "No on the president for life" Took me a while to figure out what the hell "ifelay" was xD

  33. Quadir Sharif says

    Donald Trump played on the little rascals .He played the rich father and his son

  34. oskarelmee says

    Can someone explain why Trump is still president? i'm not from the US and i just don't get it why this moron is the president. I've always respected USA but now it's just an

    embarrassing nation… i would rather see a
    penguin in the White house.

  35. Dr. Zippy Mcscoots says

    Yet the secret service didnt stop any of the other presidents from going to the exact same places. Can we impeach now? Seen enough Republicans? Winning?

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