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Detective Pikachu Trailer BREAKDOWN: 60+ Pokémon, Easter Eggs and Hidden References | Wonderdir


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We name every Pokemon and spot every game and anime reference in the new Pokemon: Detective Pikachu trailer starring Ryan Reynolds.

35 Minutes of New Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! Gameplay – Nintendo Treehouse Live:

Why the Recent Pokemon: Let’s Go Interview Upset Fans:

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    i found other things but all of the things i found where covered already by these three

  2. norma Esquivel says

    So wait this movie is actually real

  3. judith dizon says

    Oh yeah

  4. utakataYT says

    I know yiu cant underatand me put down the stapeler or i will electricute you


  5. Magnus Wong says


  6. Andres Ontiveros says

    I get it,hahahahaha 😂

  7. Patrick Frisnes says

    Am I the only one noticing that the Psyduck looks eerily similar to Howard the duck? 😂

  8. River Osborne says

    At 6:17 during the lab scene, it apears to show a Mewtwo foot right behind Greninja.

  9. Mart says

    3:26 you missed the poster on the right with Dragonite and Hypno. And on 4:39 on the left there are Emolga

  10. Battle World Gaming says

    I just made Ash vs Detective Pikachu custom battle on my channel! IT'S EPIC!!! 🔥

  11. bordercollie loverfayan says

    Pause at 2:30 that is goomy not sylveon

  12. Sam Vu says

    It's rayqaza not raqaza

  13. Zayden Cain Remington says

    She called Goomy a Sylveon. Don't get me wrong. They're both cute, but both very different Pokemon. And one of them is in a psuedo-legendary line.

  14. MatiasTheFrog Esparza says

    I have a Theory..
    What if Ash Ketchum is His Father?

  15. Tiger Puppet says

    2:03 yeah that's a "Sylveon"

  16. Sky Fox15 says

    the sylveon looks like a goomy

  17. webguy943 says

    thank u for putting a detective hat on pikachu because otherwise i would not know he is a detective. :

  18. The Clash Master says

    buddy that aint no stylish sylveon

    thats gloomy

  19. Jun Zhang says

    great video!

  20. The says

    This crap is scary

  21. Rain RhasaUlan says

    I can't wait to see adorable psyduck 😍😄

  22. Elizabeth Legault says

    There is also a flygon on the poster advertising the battle between charizard and blaziken if you look closely, at 3:18

  23. Sahil Gupta says

    I only know 150 base pokemons 🙁

  24. OmegaSaphireFox says

    Eevee's my favorite pokem9n!!! let me know if you agree!!!

  25. OmegaSaphireFox says

    Eevee's my favorite pokem9n!!! let me know if you agree!!!

  26. Theresia Okvivani says

    pika pika

  27. Lauren Hildreth says

    That silvion is really a gooby

  28. kitty Meow says

    This movie is cool

  29. Orion Ong says

    the poke mart

  30. Tanmay Khaire says

    How detailed you are…. I loved it😘😘😘

  31. XxAshley WerewolfxX says

    Spoiler City

  32. crysler bahia says

    that's not sylveon it's goomy yo doofis

  33. carmen ramos says

    You missed the R on the dumpster

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