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December Boxycharm Spoilers Confirmed! | Wonderdir


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In this video I recap and inform you of the items that have been officially confirmed for December 2018 Boxycharm Box (the regular box of course). I also provide details on the new option to purchase previous month boxes without a subscription. I hope you guys enjoy this video!

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  1. TheLauren1113 says

    Hmmm, luxe is seeming like a disappointment this time around. The only “extra” items seem to be the Luxie brushes and the violet Voss palette – maybe the spongelle. I do want the violet voss palette but otherwise the whole thing is lackluster.

  2. Lorine L says

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and the family. You are not missing a beat honey, thanks again for the updates. 😘

  3. Darcy Elaine says

    I understand there is a huge value in each box. But, I never receive the variant items I would like in my box. I was psyched last month after getting an email revealing what I'd be getting, only to get another email the next day stating, " Whoops, we made a mistake, you're getting a different box.". If I keep giving away the products I can't use, then where is the actual value? Thanks for the update & hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving 💖

  4. Francis Camacho says

    So that means the boxyluxe gets both? More and more I’m convinced this boxyluxe is a scam 😩

  5. Amberly Manners says

    I'm confused then. Why are we paying MORE money if the regular box is getting what the Boxyluxe is getting???

  6. Carolyn Suhor says

    Happy Thanksgiving Yari! Hugs 💖🎀 🦃 💄 ❤

  7. Nicole McCollum says

    If I don't get the pink flat iron I'm going to be so upset 😭😭😭😭😭

  8. Dawn Albritton says

    Happy thanksgiving beautiful!! I agree i think it's pretty awesome that you can purchase a box without being subscribed i love that they added that as a choice!! I didn't know anything about that thanks so much for sharing..i absolutely love your videos!!💖💖😘

  9. Janee Lytch says

    Happy Thanksgiving , i might cancel boxyluxe, its crazy ..

  10. Amy Schmidt says

    Happy thanksgiving!!! Hope you had an amazing day!!! 😘

  11. Peia Alexander says

    It makes no sense to put the flat iron in there cuz I was lead to believe it was only for boxy luxe

  12. Della classysassydiva617 says

    This sucks if I known this I wouldn’t got the upgrade

  13. debedout34 says

    I am waiting to be amazed by the Boxy Luxe. I’m trying really hard to figure out what I’m paying the extra money for. It seems like I would have been just as happy with the regular box. I think that’s upsetting not just to me but I see in other comments that others Might even consider canceling their Subscriptions.

  14. chelsea byars says


  15. Lisa Darby says

    Hey Yari, What if You don't get paid till the 3nd? They take payments on the 1st right,? I want the BoxyLuxe.. But I don't get paid till the 3nd..Should I email BoxyCharm and speak with BoxyCharm about it??

  16. Deena Stylin says

    I don’t know why everyone is complaining, 4/5 items in boxyluxe are going to be in the regular box, every boxyluxe is going to have all the regular box items..😒

  17. Jme Ortez says

    Thank you !!! I hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving too 🤗✌🏼🤗💜

  18. LuvOrchid Beauty says

    Wow you can buy a regular that's cool. So if I don't get the powder maybe I can buy a box that has it.

  19. KathieStevens Designs says

    Hi Yari 🙂 I hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving. ((Hugs))

  20. The Devil's Advocate says

    Yes but unlike the regular boxes, luxes are exclusively getting Elemis, Violet Voss, and the Luxe Brush set. And FYI, unless you have short hair mini straightness are a bloody gimmick. So why are people so upset?

  21. Kristie Weaver says

    Thanks for keeping us updated

  22. Boops Scoopz says

    Sorry for the dbl posting but BoxyCharm & BoxyLuxe have me terribly confused. I’m under the impression that for December’s box EVERY BoxyCharm member is going to receive either the SUVA Palette or the PYT Straightener, one of the Tarte lippaints,either the Wander Palette or the Pretty Vulgar Setting Powder and one of the Mascara options. All 4 of these items are also the variants for the December Luxe box. If we’re going to be paying $27 more for the “Luxe” box, shouldn’t the other 5-6 items(personally I think paying double the price should mean receiving double items) be just as good as the ones in the regular box? Because so far, I am disappointed with the other items in the December BoxyLuxe Box and I think quite a few others agree with me.

  23. Heather Brown says

    Yay 😍😍😍😍😍😍❤

  24. Kayla Holt says

    I have a question so if you get the luxe an regular boxycharm for December do they all come in one box or you get two boxes?

  25. Doris Rosa says

    I'm sorry but I'm very disappointed of BoxyCharm right now cause they made us upgrade n choose between the Pallet or the straightener for the December Luxe Box. And now they giving ppl these two and who knows if they might even get both. It looks like the regular box is going to be much better than the Luxe for the month of December.

  26. Warrior Family says

    I recently did my first unboxing November Boxycharm on my channel & woowww i give PROPS to all girls who do this for a living as their passion in life ❤️🙌🏼
    ‼️Yarrii I CANT WAIT FOR DECBOXYLUX !! 🎉 ‼️

  27. Jeanette Soto says

    I cancelled the luxe I don’t find it worth it

  28. Joan Diaz says

    I canceled my boxy luxe 😭I thought about it all night and yes the main items in the boxy luxe were awesome and worth the extra $28.99 but for me I was unhappy with the variations, the bag, and the sponge. The regular box looks good so fingers crossed I get the pretty vulgar powder !

  29. Dreamboat Annie says

    Thank you so much for this great info!!! I'm a new subscriber and I just love you❣️✨💋💟😍

  30. sunnystace81 says

    Honestly, this makes me want to cancel boxyluxe! The only other item in that box that I really want is the violet Voss palette but I certainly don't need it, and I wouldn't buy it otherwise…considering its about $75 Canadian, this round doesn't feel as much worth the cost for me as I don't need most of the items and was going to pass them on as Christmas gifts

  31. Apanda 420 says

    Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Thanks for the updates as per usual! Love you Yari

  32. R G says

    Girl you're my favorite!! Thanks for replying to most of my comments/questions!! You are so gorgeous 😍

  33. Kayla Stacey says

    It shouldn't be in the charms ONLY room if they're not letting us use our charms on it.

  34. Rebecca Copln says

    Thinking about canceling luxe; why pay more if there is nothing special in the box for an extra 28 dollars. To be honest I’m thinking about canceling the whole box now that you can order past boxes.. I can just order the boxes I want and skip paying for what I don’t want

  35. Joanie Galion says

    Thanks so much Yari!! I don't know what to feel about Boxyluxe.I didn't get it last time but I just hopped on the waiting list a couple weeks ago after deciding this will be my last Boxy….so why not upgrade and go out with a bang. Plus it's gonna be a Christmas present to myself lol. I didn't get in on time to choose the straightener or the palette but I don't want the straightener. And now the regular box will have it? So what's the big seller for the luxe box then? What do we have to be excited about? The only thing I can think of is the Violet Voss palette ( which I'm stoked for) But I'm not really excited about anything else anymore..Idk. Not cancelling but I'm getting less & less excited.

  36. Jamie Daulton says

    I’m still on the “waiting” status. Do you know if I’ll still get a box? I signed up at least a month, probably 2 months ago

  37. Living In Chrysalis says

    That is useful, thank you!

  38. Chris Moore says

    Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving…. just wanted to let it touch know I LOOOOVE your videos. I subscribe to boxycharm for my daughter and I love your sneak peek videos 🙂 I actually upgraded to the boxyluxy just a few weeks ago because I think you sell it giiiiirl…. they need to make you their spokes women 😉 ♡♡♡

  39. Cheri Avila says

    I'm new to BoxyCharm (my first box is the November box which I'm waiting for to arrive). How do I go back and order and October box? I went to my account and looked for it… and there was a button saying "subscribe" but I'm already subscribed. I just want to purchase the October box without a new subscription. Can someone please advise?

  40. Brenda Olvera says

    Yari Like ALWAYS THANK YOU!💋💋

  41. Chris Mcmurray says

    I signed up for the giveaway. Thank you for the spoilers and giveaways


    Love ur videos thanks for sharing

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