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CANADA- Provinces + Territories explained (Geography Now!) | Wonderdir


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  1. Geography Now says

    Hehe…. Regina.

    Hope you enjoy this filler week episode! Thanks to all you Canadians that helped with it and especially guest star- Aaron!

  2. YaboiDevost says

    4:35 “migrated” yeah

  3. Darío Gijón Martínez says

    Do Spain

  4. Lauren Holding says

    winnipeg is also how Winnie the pooh got his name, AA Milne took his son to see a bear in London Zoo in england becase a Canadian Bear was new there and it was from winnipeg, so Christopher Robin shorted it to Winnie

  5. SamuriLemonX18 says

    Do administrative divisions of Liechtenstein

  6. Joaco says

    Please do the difference between Latin America countries

  7. Sebastian Krzyczewski says

    The Capital of Ontario is Toronto

  8. BG1860096 says

    Do indonesia sometimes!

  9. C K says

    Still mispronounced Newfoundland. Its Land, not Lind. The accents not Canadian-Irish, its Newfoundland-Irish or Newfoundland-English. It's a recognized separate dialect.

  10. Taussabes says

    Play Geoguessr on next filler week!! Just for fun.

  11. Isaiah Bryant says

    Sorry to say this but Toronto is the capital city of Ontario. Ottawa is just the federal capital, nothing else.

  12. Floris Biezeman says

    Québec weird as fec

  13. David Kanzeg says

    Ottawa's the capital of the whole country. Toronto is the capital of Ontario.

  14. Diego Pérez says

    Do Colombia next!

  15. [RACC] D3RPYRACC0072 says

    I was in Toronto once at a comedy club and they mocked Alberta so much and made like a lot of incest jokes about them. To me, as an American, it seems like Alberta is sort of like their south (texas, florida, alabama, etc.).

  16. Liam Shipsey says

    If you've got time to do a filler week, then You've got the time to do your actual videos!

  17. Karl Ouellette says

    The second province with the most populous French speaking community is not new-brunswick but Ontario with between 500 000 to 700 000 "franco-ontariens"

  18. Mihai Szekely says

    REGINAAAA hehe…In romanian "regina" means "queen"

  19. Oakione1418 says

    Provinces in Belgium would be nice, they are all exceptionally small, but different for some reason. I can barely explain it and I live there

  20. William Gange says

    Saskatchewan has the highest number of lakes compared to the other provinces so It is the lake province, not Manitoba

  21. Ruiz Railroad says

    You forgot in Nunavut there is the Northernmost settlement in the world Alert, Canada

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