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Bad Dad Jokes | Wonderdir


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  1. hiss_hiss _Nerds says

    1:40 keep hearing that joke that I don’t get it, someone please explain😩

  2. Tall and small 2 says

    Knock Knock

    Who's there

    John Cena

    JOHN Cena who

    JOHN Cena squirrel

  3. Mohammed Ghdiri says

    a stick. hhhh

  4. Daniel says

    What is the difference between a giraffe and a cat?

    Their height.

  5. Mosquito Mustaxi says

    Ultimate Trocadilho Championchip it was where you take your inspiration

  6. Fake Army says

    Bad? No, more like Tear-rrible.

  7. Fake Army says

    Toxic armies are here.

  8. Tayyab Zaheer says

    Am I the only one who watched whole video being like 😐

  9. Nikhil Shah says

    A man points a gun to my head, says if I laugh, he'll shoot.
    He: A man walks in a bar….
    Me: hahahahhahahahahahha lol

  10. dersnakeinmyboot says

    Why do I know almost all of the answers to these dad jokes?😂😂😂

  11. p p says

    Kim Seokjin you here?

  12. Chaina Mondal says

    Lol I didn't laughed a single time..

  13. winter delight says

    nobody gonna talk about how they put 'pastors' after their job(?)

  14. Bo1t says

    even when there BAD XD

  15. Doppelminds says

    Bad Pastor jokes

  16. Wolfe vlogs and gameing says

    I have a bad dad joke I tried to write a story with a broken penicel…But it was pointless

  17. Vijau CHOUDHARY says

    I did'nt fucking laugh..idk whats wrong thi

  18. Anil Gopnarayan says

    A stick

  19. donald trump says


  20. Martin Dojcinoski says

    Brown and sticky

    Answer:black penis

  21. ratusyifa K says

    Bi son

  22. BEN MOUA says

    What did the librarian say to you guys reading this?

    Read more

  23. Messiah Judge says

    Comment section 60% cancer 20% their own jokes and 10% dying of laughter

  24. Where da faq all this army came from?

  25. Acalath _NDXD says

    What does 'Para' in paralympics stand for

    Actually 'stand for' is not the right word

  26. Andy Parker says

    Chicken sedan lol 🍻👍

  27. Banana BOI says

    Some were good but none of them made me laugh…

  28. Mike Honcho says

    Knock knock
    Whos there?
    O and
    O and Who?
    O and 4
    Fu Raiders fans

  29. Marko Kvaternik says

    I nearly died on the Buffalo one😂😂😂

  30. BTS Lover says

    First: I laughed just because I didn't understand the joke I dkw


  31. John Mckinney. says

    What is a campus pastor?

  32. What do you call a blind German?


  33. Jenna Roberts says

    I wanna tell you a joke about pizza. Oh,nevermind,it’s really cheesy.

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