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Amazing Boxer Whom Will Be Never Forgotten – Prince Naseem Hamed HD | Wonderdir


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Prince Naseem Hamed, the Member of the International Boxing Hall, likes to shock the public with his unique style, provoking behavior, loud venues and leopard shorts. But today we are not going to discuss his behavior, I want to show you an outstanding mastery of this guy. Despite he acted in the lightest and featherweight, he has pretty impressive results: 36 wins and 31 knock outs…

► Absolute Champion of the World – Oleksandr Usyk – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=znj1NrFg38E
► The Hardest Punch in Boxing History – David Tua – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FQezWwLnQPk
► 3 Fights That Will Never Be Forgotten – Pt4 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iCUdfbFJG7I

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  1. This is interesting! says

    Thanks for watching!

    I hope You enjoy this video 🙂

    See more: The Hardest Punch in Boxing History – David Tua –

  2. Walters Bandea says

    Literally the king at 126. Dude beats the WBO champion, the WBC champion, the WBA champion, and IBF champion at featherweight. While he was killing all the featherweights in the 90s and early 2000, Barrera and Morales were fighting at 122. If Barrera and Morales fought Naseem in the 90s or move up, he probably knocks those guys out.

  3. Juan Manuel Cruz Cruz says

    Era cuestion de que enfrentara a una riata de mexico como lo es Marcó Antonio Barrera para que lo mandara chingar su reputicima madre al ojte

  4. Moto Mdness says

    I forgot about this guy till now 🙂 to be honest is boxing still a sport #mma

  5. j cap says

    He may be good but he has the most disgusting attitude🙊🙊💩💩 in boxing bad example👎💩💩

  6. brownredxx says

    He looks like a goat from a arab desert.

  7. Noe Montes De Oca Ortiz says

    Ridiculo y vergüenza para el boxeo

  8. dislike injustice says

    These skills come from martial arts, not boxing.

  9. martin tijerina says

    All these fights were bought and paid for by the prince.

  10. Сергей К says

    Что за музыка на выходе в 8м поединке?

  11. rok mini says

    Ih takut kagak ahhhhhh

  12. Clive Hanks says

    What a tosser..

  13. Mario Rldriguez says

    Amazin boxer'' that not was a boxer that was a clow jajaja

  14. haris prasetyo says


  15. Naqibullah Faisal says


  16. zai lee says

    philippines boxer vs prince naseem hamed i want to see how cool is he..! that damn.!

  17. roland timario says

    Nassem didn't even have the guts to take back his title from Barrera. True champions go for two or three times. He chicken out on Barrera 2.

  18. Patrick Kabore says

    Incroyàble.it's surnatural for me.

  19. Garant Garant says

    Говножопых свинорылых свиноедов он рвал как щепки.😬😬😬

  20. Ghullam Sajjad says

    Allah makes this kind of warriors once in the century. I think prince Naseem is also better then the great Muhammed Ali.

  21. Thanwa Lannoi says

    The Best

  22. Makbulloh Tohrah says


  23. роман фетисов says

    читеский боксер, у него все бои купленные!

  24. Обратите внимание, его никто не бьет,все подкуплено !

  25. Carl Mann says

    Brash and cocky! He's forgettable! I hate him!

  26. Aj Jimerson says

    His style was crazy, but it worked. Great boxer.

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