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Actors Who Were Never The Same After A Role | Wonderdir


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We’ve all had tough days at the office. But some actors, dedicated to giving it their all, took their work a few steps too far. Though these critically-acclaimed, often award-winning performances are a delight to watch, the experience of preparing for and recovering from these roles did a number on the actors involved, and left a lasting impression — not always for the positive. Here are several actors who went the extra mile for their craft…

Isabelle Adjani – Possession | 0:21
Adrien Brody – The Pianist | 0:50
Colin Firth – The King’s Speech | 1:39
Hugh Laurie – House | 2:36
Bob Hoskins – Who Framed Roger Rabbit | 3:33
Heath Ledger – The Dark Knight | 4:12
Charlie Hunnam – American TV & Movies | 4:58
Janet Leigh – Psycho | 6:03
James Cromwell – Babe | 6:33
Christopher McDonald – Happy Gilmore | 7:31

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  1. Looper says

    What other actors should've made this list?

  2. ŤHÈMÈ MÄŃ says

    You forgot rdj as Tony Stark

  3. ShotzBruh says

    I had to stutter for a role in our drama group in school, I was 13 years old then, and never had problems with stuttering before, but for over 2 years after the play i had occasional issues with stuttering, in the beginning quite a lot actually.

  4. Al Cd says

    You might consider these actors:
    Andy Robinson as the killer Scorpio in "Dirty Harry" and Billy Drago who played Nitti in "The Untouchables." Both actors were stigmatized as "bad guys" since they did such convincing jobs in their roles. Robinson was regularly accosted and threatened with death because people could not dissociate him from Scorpio.
    Among international actors, I would choose Temuera Morrison who played Jake 'The Muss' Heke in "Once Were Warriors." He said he was emotionally scarred for weeks after playing that role.

  5. nintiwirri says

    Vic Morrows role in a movie killed him…Well actually it was the helicopter blades

  6. Nick Doe says

    What idiot wouldn't have known Hugh Laurie was a Brit? He had been in quite a few long series for years!

  7. Brian Cabral says

    Big fucking deal, am i supposed to feel sorry for them?

  8. Fred Blimpstone says

    world most useless profession Acting…….and you stupid people who have no imaginations of your own buy it, you are all dumb, and dumber

  9. Mᴇʟᴏɴ says

    Heath Ledger

    Thank you…

  10. Aaron David says

    awww firth had to learn to stutter what a sacrifice. fucking british pussy

  11. Aaron David says

    so how was mcdonald never the same how was there a sacrifice? lol

  12. Tee Dee says

    Poor Heath so sad, a talent sorely missed…….
    Charlie mmmmmm he could talk all day to me 😂

  13. Wtin Jalanugraha says

    Hugh Laurie was already a well-known actor (at least in UK) before House. I find it sad that the casting director / etc. in this video that had no idea he who he was and thought that he was an American.

  14. Blake says

    I know a dirty crack head in my hometown with that same "badass" hitch in his step as Charlie Hunam. Ruined it for me.

  15. Richard Flynn says

    Ffs come off it ….its play acting bullshit pretending ….its not exactly grafting for a living is it ….fkn pussys

  16. Erick Antonio says

    "Why so serious?"

  17. VarjuHUN says

    Damn, Bob Hoskins must have went through some crazy shit! Imagine going into a room, and hallucinating a rabbit from a movie sitting there. It sounds like a joke, but it's actually creepy…

  18. Bits Of Everything says


  19. atlysrayl says

    Tupac should have been on this list. He was never the same after he played Roland Bishop in "Juice".

  20. Que Unlimited says

    I noticed the limp leg switch…and I rarely watched.

  21. Dane Logan says

    all satanists

  22. Dane Logan says

    you are not american because you live in america, you are whatever your ethnicity is ie irish, scottish etc etc

  23. Pacific Pleb says

    What about the cast of The Conqueror? Bunch of people including John Wayne got cancer after that movie

  24. Fox Honey says

    uh jim carrey?

  25. Nina Lutgen says

    This is horrible! You can’t get in a movie role killing your body and self in the process

  26. Matt Manipon says

    How about Shia LaBeouf? lol

  27. mytbeats says

    hollywood lets kill palestinians and syrians but lets save the pigs..

  28. Lee Hollingworth says

    So actors who were "Never" the same after, but actually were.

  29. A daft punk says

    Heath Ledger.

  30. g'dog says

    Jim Carey had a few roles he lost himself in.. the gringe was one of them.

  31. Rarebel says

    You need to speak a lil slow just a lil and clear. Hope this doesn't offend you.

  32. beautifuljordana 1992 says

    Heath ledger role runs is life! Rip heath ledger!

  33. Anton Poyntz says

    this was fucking dog shit and too loud

  34. chris b says

    Ahhhh poor babies. Whatever.

  35. MadMax™ says

    Robert De Niro was never the same after Raging Bull.

  36. dr hoff says

    lol you sell clothes? do people actually buy them?

  37. Esther Ahn says

    I could be picky about videos, particularly list ones, but I actually didnt skop at all through this one. It was actual interesting, entertaining, and I like the narrator

  38. Nitin Kataria says

    Are there any other great British actors who chose to speak in the American accent to make things merrier ? I guess there are.

  39. Brenda Huron says


  40. Cully Lauver says

    lowkey though he meant a roled joint

  41. HARDWOOD THOR says

    ok a few of these are bullshit. shut up your life aint that hard

  42. Jesse Maple MCCREE says

    I love Loki from avengers, serious during the movies but hilarious behind scenes.

  43. ruby says

    I just associate James Cromwell fro AHS Asylum

  44. Anak SangBapa says

    Jesse pinkman?

  45. azfirewiseify says

    Who cares. When my wife left I had to act like the hurt husband in court. It changed my life forever,
    "I got happy again"

  46. cool Kid says


  47. Ebru Pınar says

    Wtf? Charlie Hunnam = Jax from SOA

  48. The Noob Gamer says

    Sons of anarchy !!!!

  49. Ryan Chua Bowen says

    I came here for Heath ledger

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